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Love Horoscope 2020 for Every Astrological Sign


Premier quarter: Avec a tel aspect of Vénus, l’amour vous fera de larges sourires. Vous savourerez avec délice les faveurs de Cupidon. Profitez well of cet état de grâce, qui ne devrait pas durer toujours. Célibataire, vous êtes généralement fidèle dans vos affections, vous recherchez la stabilité dans les sentiments. Mais vous rêvez trop souvent du merle blanc, ce qui rétrécit fortement votre terrain de chasse. Apprenez à être plus éclectique afin de vous donner plus of chances. “Ne soyons pas si difficiles: les plus accommodants, ce sont les plus habiles” (La Fontaine). L’étranger pourra cette fois jouer un rôle important dans votre vie sentimentale, et de manière très bénéfique.

Deuxième quarter: Attention, c’est surtout sur sentimental plan that l’opposition Saturne-Pluton risque de faire feel ses effets. Saturne will be dans votre secteur de la vie à deux. He résultat, c’est that certains natifs auront a bad fou à éviter ces jours-ci conjugate crise. If I vote couple of de la aile depuis a moment, ce ne sera vraiment pas le moment d’enfoncer le clou, sous comb de tout faire exploser. If vous pouvez garder votre sang-froid, évitez disputes à répétition et attendez pour prendre un décision; the tempête vous épargnera. Elle n’aura pas non plus d’effets gênants pour les couples heureux de vivre ensemble, well sûr! Les celibataires devront patienter encore avant de pouvoir faire la rencontre dont ils rêvent.

Troisième quarter: Vos amours seront bien influencées. Vous passerez de très bons moments avec l’être cher. A conseil: fuyez les interférences et les curiosités malsaines, et choisissez la simplicité, surtout en dépensant très peu. Célibataire, I divided between you impulsions irraisonnées d’une part et le besoin de vous stabiliser d’autre part, vous risquez d’avoir des difficultés à trouver un juste équilibre dans votre vie affective. Réfléchissez un peu plus et tâchez de maîtriser votre côté instinctif afin de ne pas laisser passer vos chances. Puisque vous êtes tentare de faire des projets, n’oubliez pas de tenir compte de ces contradictions.

Quatrième quarter: C’est la planète the most bénéfique du système solaire, Jupiter, qui va ces jours-ci veiller sur vos amours. Placé dans le secteur de la vie à deux, in conjunction with the Tête du Dragon et avec Vénus, Jupiter vous promises a période bénie des dieux sur le plan amoureux. If vous vivez in couple, le bonheur sera au rendez-vous, avec, in prime, dans certains cas, the naissance d’un bébé! Si vous vivez seul, cette période est l’une des meilleures de l’année pour une rencontre promise à a bel avenir. If quelqu’a vous fait battre le coeur, ne jouez pas les timides: explain-vous clairement. Ce serait trop dommage by rater une si belle occasion!


First quarter: The gift of this period, it will be without question the presence of Venus in your area of love. By forming a favorable configuration, this planet will above all protect your loves. Its impact will be all the more sensitive as it will at the same time form beneficial relations with the stars that occupy the sector of meetings and favorites. If you live in couple, Venus will offer you a beautiful period of tenderness and complicity. If you live alone, it will do even better: it may well be that it is worth a very important meeting. For some of you, there will even be a wedding in perspective!

Second trimester: It is possible that your partner has made some small misbehavior, and this makes you deeply unhappy. Still, do not think about breaking up, knowing that human nature is full of weaknesses. If you live alone, unplanned encounters may be the cause of pleasant connections. But you will have to keep them clandestine because they will cause a lot of derogatory comments and jealousy. Beware too much naivety on your part; put a stop to your overflowing generosity that encourages you to fill gifts with those you love.

Third trimester: You will feel a visceral fear of losing the object of your love, and this fear will make you enter a strong crisis of jealousy. But a little jealousy is good; a lot of jealousy, hello the damage! If you are lonely, the period will be excellent, both to start a relationship and to conclude a marriage. Some of you could start an out-of-the-ordinary love affair and experience intense passionate relationships, or meet the partner who will flatter their self-esteem. In short, the sentimental life will bring great satisfaction; it’s up to you to spoil anything by an irrelevant jealousy.

Fourth quarter: This is one of the most prosperous periods of the year on the sentimental level. Perfectly placed in the zone of love, Venus will also form favorable configurations with Neptune, romantic planet if any, and Uranus, the master of favorites. Happiness will be there if you are already bound. And if you live alone, you will have a real chance to make a meeting of the utmost importance. Know how to take advantage of these beneficial configurations.


First trimester: The Moon in tortuous aspects exacerbate your sexual impulses inordinately. These could in some cases take on the appearance of a characterized satyriasis (or blatant nymphomania). If you live as a couple, watch out for the temptation of an extramarital affair, which risks shaking your marriage. Use your will, which should allow you to remain in control of your instincts. Single, if you are looking for tumultuous loves, upheavals or big surprises on the heart side, you will be disappointed, because this astral atmosphere will not lend itself to it. Are you still a heart to take? So you’ll have a chance to make a lovely meeting this time.

Second trimester: Venus, the goddess of love, will become your ally by settling in a sign well connected to yours. This promises you a harmonious period if you are married. In some cases, you will have to count with the impact of the opposition between Saturn and Pluto, particularly sensitive this time. Pluto being the star that governs your life together, some natives may have difficulties communicating with a couple; but this will only concern a very small minority of you. If you live alone, you will be in a flirtation mood, but not really ready to engage seriously.

Third quarter: You will be very inclined to criticize your partner all the time. But your acidic remarks will not fail to hit the nerves of the other, and then this beautiful harmony that you take so much risk of shattering! If you are solitary, the stars will strongly incline you to seek the stabilization of your love situation and even the legalization of your reports. But you, madam, will hesitate to take the decisive step because your partner does not seem to be able to provide you with the material security you so badly need. As for you, sir, you will wonder if you will be really happy with the woman of your intentions. The stars do not provide any indication at this time.

Fourth quarter: This will be one of the best periods in love. Not only Venus, the goddess of love, will pass in your sign, but in addition, she will join Jupiter, the most favorable star of Heaven. Together, these two planets promise you particularly happy love. If you are married, happiness will be at the rendezvous, a happiness without excessive passion, simple and profound at the same time. If you live alone, an important encounter is possible. But be careful, keep your cool: even if you’re crazy in love, do not rush anything. Impatience would be bad counselor, since time will play in your favor.


First trimester: Astral climate extremely conducive to the joys of the heart, says Michael Rutter, astroger at WebHoroskop. The natives living in couples will strengthen their relationship and live their union under the sign of sentimentality and dreams. There will be enough to satisfy everyone! Single, know that “the reason is not what rules love”. This affirmation of Molière translates an indisputable reality but has rather pessimistic connotations. However, at this time, thanks to the complicity of Mars, it will be precisely advantageous to privilege madness at the expense of reason. Good period, then, to succumb to a thunderbolt, or to enter a lasting union after a stroke of lightning.

Second trimester: Heaven will emerge for you in love. Stationary for some time in the area of your theme related to love and life together, the Black Moon had a tendency to complicate your love life and to reduce the chances of meeting. Leaving this area, she will give the start to a much easier time. Neptune and Uranus will remain in this area of your Heaven. But their impact is beneficial, and they will now give their measure, offering you a happier life for two or, if you live alone, an upcoming meeting.

Third quarter: With this phase of the Moon, you will be faced with a choice between security and love. The decision will not be easy, and you will be puzzled. Why not seek advice from an astrologer? If you live alone, you will begin to ignite yourself for someone you barely know. Your goal will not be anything other than marriage. But you might be dealing with a hesitant or fearful person. Organize a romantic dinner for two, in a place absolutely adorable, and everything will be the best of the world.

Fourth quarter: This position of Uranus may bring difficulties in your love life. No panic yet! Only couples whose agreement already leaves much to be desired can go through a stormy phase. If this is your case, be careful: there will be a fight in the air. For singles, this impact of Mercury will simply result in a greater requirement. You will not be in the mood to fall in love with anyone!


First trimester: Period placed under the guidance of Venus with, as a result, a cozy atmosphere very conducive to peaceful loves and happy moments near the loved one. Couples will deepen their bonds and trust in their emotional future. Oh, how beautiful life is! If you are lonely, love at first sight may fall on you without notice from the beginning of the period, and you could catch fire and flame! You will not find your calm and resume your spirits at the end of the period.

Second trimester: If you are already in household, this period will undoubtedly be somewhat disturbed. The stars of love will be in areas of your theme unrelated to the life of a couple. It is probably not your spouse or partner that will awaken your passion. And those of you who will yield to the call of their senses will do so in secret! If you live alone, you will this time show discretion in your loves. This will be the case if you have an affair with an already married partner; but this situation will not bother you!

Third trimester: Your life as a couple could begin to go through a period of tension and animosity. Seek to remedy the situation, without giving him a single opportunity to fester. Try to have a candid and calm dialogue with each other and discover the flaws in your relationship. It is likely that all is only the result of an unfortunate misunderstanding. In any case, be sure that tolerance and understanding will work wonders. If you live alone, Venus will look bad, making it difficult to legalize a union for various unforeseen reasons, or a lack of fulfillment, a last-minute questioning. On the other hand, some natives will be inclined to lead a love life more marked by carelessness than rigor.

Fourth trimester: If you live a relationship, rather than being tempted by extravagant adventures without panache, you would do well to focus on the one (or the one) who shares your life. Soon, the pleasure of the senses will lead you both in a magical whirlwind, which will allow you to deepen your love. If you live alone, the stars promise you a very important meeting. The one (or the one) that you will meet will attract you irresistibly, arousing in you so much a desire of a rare intensity that very deep feelings.


First trimester: With the passage of the Sun in your sector of couple, it is one of the best periods of the year, on the sentimental level, which is announced. If you live alone, the configurations are likely to result in a significant meeting. If you are already connected, your relationship with your partner will be under the sign of happiness and complicity. Only case a little more difficult to live: that of the natives who cross for several months a sentimental crisis. In this case, the Sun may make them want to clarify things, which, for some, may actually be realized by a break.

Second trimester: Risks of disturbances in your sentimental life because of the interferences of Jupiter badly looked. But it will only be a summer storm: the weather will be temporary, and the sun will return immediately. If you are lonely, you will probably make some very serious plans for your emotional future, but the immediate family might object. It will be the moment to show all the tact you are capable of instead of thinking about breaking bridges. But you must also think carefully before committing yourself permanently, because your character will be rather changeable in this period.

Third Quarter: Your love life will benefit from the powerful breath of the well-behaved Jupiter planet. Inhibitions, taboos, blockages … everything will be swept away by an almost magical gale! Enjoy this situation without hesitation or fear. If you live alone, people much younger than you will attract you irresistibly. And it seems that they will suit you better than mature people, because your instinct of protection will be increased tenfold by the influx of Pluto. But make sure that your partners love you for yourself and not for the material comfort or enviable social position you enjoy.

Fourth quarter: Happiness continues. After a very sentimental period, you will be entitled, these days, to the support of an exceptional celestial configuration. Will indeed join in your area of love Jupiter, the master of luck, Venus, the goddess of love, and the Head of the Dragon, which represents fate. Such a figure reproduces very rarely, and you will be in the front row to enjoy it. On the program: a serene and authentic happiness if you live as a couple; and, if you live alone, a sensational encounter. If you meet the soul mate, do not let her go away from you without reacting!

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Horoscope 2019 – Year of progress for all zodiac signs

The year 2019 announces one energetic one. The Mars / Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio brings achievements in all spheres, but especially in career and family. The Sun, Venus, and Pluto in Capricorn keep their feet on the ground.

The astrologers suggests that social consciousness develops on all the signs, people are more attentive to what is happening around them, they become more generous, better.

2019 horoscope

Horoscope 2019 Fire Signs

Aries, Leo, Sagittarius

A creative year, beginning with Uranus in Aries and Mercury in Sagittarius. All releases of Mercury are in Fire Signs (Aries in March, Leo in July and August, Sagittarius and Scorpio in November and December), so there is a poor chance of having play time. In November, Jupiter enters Sagittarius, and luck begins to suck everyone, especially the signs of Fire. The lunar Leo node transforms any project you start. Cautious time, make the most of it!

Horoscope 2019 zodiac sign of Earth

Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

Pluto is well anchored in the heart of Capricorn, the Sun and Venus are all in Capricorn and favors career advancement. Mars is retrograde from March to July, begins with Aquarius and ends in Capricorn, which causes a change in action. It takes more organization and a little determination to succeed. Saturn is in Capricon all year, jump or bias can occur. Take every day of the year as it comes.

The moon is in Gemini since the beginning of the year, you are engaged in any activity you do. It inspires others, especially after the solar eclipse of Aquarius in February.

Horoscope 2019 zodiac of Water

Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Neptune in Pisces preserves an idealistic atmosphere, and the March / Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio brings insurances that anything is possible if you strive for yourself. In October, Venus begins releasing Scorpio and brings extreme emotions. You are more sensitive and tend to listen to your reason more.

In numerology, 2019 has the vibration of 2, the transformation of imagination into material reality. To have, you have to act, be pragmatic and intelligent. Year 2019 has all the premises of a prosperous and abundant year!

Love horoscope 2019

2019 will be a very exciting year in love according to Horoscope2019.Guru . Some Natives have the chance to meet their great love, while others will go from one adventure to another. For some natives, the affective plan will be ups and downs, but others even have the opportunity to put their order alive. Happiness, for the happiest, is written in stars.

Aries – Love Horoscope in 2019

When the year begins, Venus, the planet of love and intimacy, will be in a fiery state.

Those who are already in a love relationship and are eager to go to the next level (to marry) must wait for Venus to get out of this state.

Venus will come out of the “burning” state around February. Subsequently, Venus will be presented in his ascension sign. It begins the good times for love to bind the knot and become the relationship to be said to be “made for each other.”

There may be some doubts between lovers. If things go too long, this can lead to a break. Considering these planetary influences, those who are in love should not leave unresolved issues. The strong bond and sense of belonging will work well in clearing the cloud of wandering and rejuvenating the relationship.

Mars’ presence will play an important role in the issues of love relationships. You will be asked to raise your compatibility level to maintain a standard level of harmony.

The planet indicates the necessity of understanding the partner. This increase in compatibility will be good for building trust in your partner. Jupiter’s position in the seventh house does not show happiness in the life of married couples. You will have to take care of your partner’s sensitivities.

On the other hand, in general, the year is good for lovers, but they are not married until now. They will have a nice time together. However, the year is not very favorable for those who want to marry.

Jupiter is the head of the seventh house. This house refers to issues of relationships that have become confirmed (such as marriage or business partnerships). Jupiter is placed in the mystical sign. The sixth house deals with adversity and strong disagreement. This means that married people need to be very careful about their relationships.

Adverse situations may arise that can test engagement in relationship. On the other hand, the fifth house is related to love and intimate relationships. Venus is the leader of the fifth house. Switching from Venus can have a huge impact on the love relationships of locals.

Venus’s position is not a good sign for the lover’s love life, especially for those who are interested in developing a relationship. The period up to February 20 is not very favorable to the development of love relationships. However, the period from February 21 to mid-June supports romantics to enjoy love relationships.

Cancer – Love Horoscope in 2019

Saturn will dominate the seventh house (the house that relates to your relationship with your wife / partner).
This Saturn position does not generally involve a very good year for married couples.

They may not have a pleasant time with their partner. Differences may occur, resulting in discomfort and disadvantage. Couples are required to have quality time with their life partner to maintain warmth and harmony in the relationship.

The fact that Saturn is in Capricorn and stays there for the whole year, which is in direct opposition to your Cancer sign, does not mean a pleasant situation in your personal life. Saturn may not let things go just wrong. At the same time, it does not just mean unhappiness to you all the time.

Leo – Horoscope of love in 2019

Saturn stays in his own sign Capricorn, in the sixth house. These planetary positions can trigger dissatisfaction in the love life. You can sometimes feel loud about how to say how you like and do not like it.

You have advised not to obey this type of inclination. If you intend to raise your voice, it could affect your partner’s feelings. You may even worsen your relationship with them. Understand, tolerance is the key to peace and happiness in the life of love.

The mid-moon planetary movements can raise challenging situations in matters of love and personal life. You could get an open statement while expressing your views. You should have a pragmatic approach to solving difficult situations related to your love life.

Virgo – Horoscope of love in 2019

There’s good news for you from the stars. Jupiter’s fortunate force is to look at the eleventh house for most of the year. This benevolent planet will work well in keeping warmth and harmony in the life of your love.

But, in a different note, Saturn’s influence on the eleventh house may present some obstacles in your path. Saturn is not very supportive in maintaining peace and harmony in the relationship with the partner.

If the doubts developed as a result of Jupiter’s position are not tactful, they can affect your relationship. Remember that Saturn can destroy. So, you need to be careful about this.

Mars also has the role to influence the relationship of love. Mars will enter the exaltation state in mid-March when it enters the sign of Capricorn. And Saturn is seated in the sign of Capricorn, in the fifth house. The struggle between these two giants can be wonderful. As a consequence of this battle, you could be very well trained and you could be at the forefront of the approach.

Libra – Horoscope of Love in 2019

Two astrological factors are not encouraging in this regard. One is the presence of Ketu (a karmic nodule bearing spiritual energies and is considered in Vedic astrology a dangerous element), powerful and evil in the fifth house, the house that is related to love and intimate relationship. So this planetary position is not very favorable for the trouble-free passage of life.

The second factor: At the beginning of the year, Venus, the planet related to love and intimate relationship, is in a burning state. However, this state of Venus is not oblique because it enjoys the pleasures of physical intimacy with people of the opposite sex.

Venus will come out of the burning state after February 21. The period starting from the beginning of April until mid-June seems to be very favorable for the single. It is a good time for them to enter into a relationship of love with a member of the opposite sex.

Scorpio – Horoscope of love in 2019

The situation in love matters during this year and seems to be a mixed bag. There are two significant planetary movements, one of which supports the intimacy of love and the other that is not very encouraging to the smooth flow of love.

Jupiter reigns the fifth house, the house that is related to love and intimate relationship.

This position of Jupiter is seen as a good position of supporting oneself to develop a love affair. The relationships you develop in this good time will last a long time. But this is the positive side.

On the other hand, the planet of Venus love will be in a burning state. This is not encouraging for your love flow. However, this moment is not bad for oneself.

Sagittarius – Love Horoscope in 2019

Mars owns the portfolio of the fifth house for your sign. This house is related to love and intimate relationship. At the beginning of the year, Mars is positioned in the other sign, Scorpio, along with Jupiter in the 12th house.

All these planetary positions do not support the lonesome ones to develop their love relationship. But, loners can enjoy physical intimacy. Venus will be visible on the horizon on February 21. Then the lonely ones, who are looking for love, can go on and marry.

In addition, the favorable time for love and sex starts as early as the second week of August. This is because Venus changes its own sign of Libra.

Chinese New Year 2018 predictions


You need to show your cares to people around you especially to your family. Harmony is the home for success. You may get help and luck from abroad therefore, you may consider moving or travelling.

Rabbit faces a hare raising year. Rabbits be jumpy as pressure at work mounts. Rabbit businessmen are advised not to jump hastily into anything (look hard before you leap), like expanding their business. Another 24-carrot advise for Rabbits, it is wise to seek ways to reduce cost and work at maintaining harmonious relationships with colleagues.

The luck of Rabbits fluctuates drastically. To increase their luck, they should try to get along with he Pig, Sheep, Horse and Tiger. Wicked people will try to take advantage of Rabbits who are likely to be in a financial difficulty this year. In order to prevent financial jeopardy, Rabbits should manage their finances with care, especially in the lunar months of January,February, July, October and December.


To be happy and successful, people born under this sign should marry early this year. They will be more lucky if they have children born this year, too.

A more detailed analysis here : Chinese Horoscope 2018 – New Year of the Earth Dog


A year to stay calm and careful. The star of prosperity is still nearby however, beware of accident and travel. Follow the trend and train your quick tempered and stubborn nature.

The fire of passion burns . A marriage star shines, giving single Dragons greater opportunities to choose their partners. But for married Dragons, here’s a fiery warning: Try your best to be sincere and honest with your loved ones; otherwise, trouble and bad luck may come. Dragons should balance their work and social activities with time spent with their loved ones.

Dragons should try to seize the opportunity to improve their interpersonal relationships this year. They should stay away from alcohol, drugs and sex. Beware of commercial traps.


Dragon will get married and will be lucky in love. If a Dragon woman will not marry, she will travel instead and find there her dream boy. The Dragon man, on the other hand, will be very ” hot ” this year that he needs to find a partner right away.


Year of the Dog is symbolizing a progressive year with fruitful success. Your year will be further awarded by the chances from abroad. Moving or traveling will find unexpected surprise. Be cool and be emulated.

May lose some of his scales or fangs as he offends the Grand Duke (Tai Suey). Take heart though, for you will not end up in the snake pit even as you confront many difficulties. Bits of sharp advice for Snakes: It’s not a good time to enter into new investments. Be wary on the road and be careful when handling sharp objects such as knives and scissors.

Snakes need to calm down their emotion and show concern to their family members. Avoid gambling or investing money in stock market. Pay attention to health.


Love is in full bloom this year. Be ready to give and receive love. This is also the best time to get married.


A steady year with chances to change your life better and colorful. Beware of your health and take good care of yourself to avoid working accident.

Horse will have a real galloping time. Horses have nothing to neigh about as the beginning of the year brings them luck despite some occasional hurdles. Love relationships will prosper but self-control should be practiced lest you find yourself in trouble.

This will be a luckier year than last year. Try to avoid too much alcohol and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Love relationships will be promising;however, self-control is necessary to prevent problems. Young people will receive luck in their studies and careers.


Love is successful when merged with business. But be careful with your health. Getting married this year is lucky for both male and female. The Horse will be luckier if he or she will have a grandchild this year. Parents born under the sign of Horse will be successful in everything if one of his or her children will get married in the Year of the Dog. The road to falling in love can be found in parties.


A good year to start your new venture. Exploring chances from abroad will be profitable. Good people and friends are waiting to help. Beware of hidden attacks and unpredicted circumstances.

Rams will be counting sheep as they face a generally difficult year. Things may seemingly run smoothly at the beginning of the year but they will gradually turn bad. Count your blessing. Don’t take any risk when dealing with people. It is better to keep a low profile and endure difficult relationships. Don’t be greedy. Prepare yourself well for every opportunity that may come.

Sheep will have to face their misfortunes and challenges all by themselves or with the help of the Horse.


Everything will be postponed – wedding, aborted love affair, etc. Everything will seem to ignite at first instance, but the flame of love will soon fade out.


A profitable year to bring you with good chances. Watch carefully with February, June and August. Your clever, highly passionate and clearheaded nature can help to score the goals with ideal returns.

No monkey business please, as they year will prove to be very satisfactory. Perfect in terms of wealth and romance, especially for lady Monkeys. But the realm of work and health may not be as ideal. Consult a doctor at the first sign of any health problem.

It will be a good year, especially for ladies in terms of wealth and romance but not in the realm of work and health. Businessmen should be very careful in signing contracts especially in the lunar month of July.


It is always good to fall in love. Anybody you love will love you back. You will never be rejected. But then again, you have to choose between love and money.


Your self-confident, brave in body and spirit nature can help you to pass a year of dull. Chances are coming by autumn. Keep your punctual and reliable character to make your dreams come true.

Rooster has a lot to crow about as he’s extremely lucky, especially financially. Roosters will not go scratching around as investments will turn out to be profitable. However, Roosters should learn some lessons in human relations and try not to be self-centered.

Lucky months – lunar months of March, April, July, August, September and December.


The auspicious rule is this, marry to achieve good health and prosperous business will follow.


Your lucky star is knocking at your door. Learn how to open your door and welcome your luck as well as letting your door open for those who need your help. You are sure to win the world with your honest and generous nature.

Dog will be all bite and not much bark. Dogs will have a hectic work schedule, making the year markedly different from the Year of the Rooster. Relationships will be good and career prospects great. Those in dogged pursuit of true love may just find it this year – so Dogs don’t just sit there and roll over, GET MARRIED !

Bear in mind that the more you work , the more you gain. Dogs should also be independent in order not to be controlled by others.


When it comes to love, the female Dog is very expensive. She will not spend for her own wedding. As for the male Dog, be ready to spend for your partner on your wedding.


A profitable year coming with remarkable inbound and outbound success. Beware of jealousy. Reveal your gratitude for those tho help. Achievements can be made in summer and winter.

Pork chops or pork barrel ? It will be a tough year for Pigs or Boar as their sign directly clashes with the dog or the Grand Duke. Pigs may be grunting as they encounter difficulties, misunderstandings, gossips and a lot of trouble. Pigs should avoid vices like drugs, smoking and drinking. But such challenges will make even the most pig-headed Pigs even more patient and persistent.


Don’t trust love. Love means devastation for both male and female Pigs.


A good start for the beginning but moving towards drudgery. Greedy and materialistic desires will trap you into troubles. Stay confident and steady. Intractable behavior will be the obstacle of your fortune.

Rat will have three lucky shining stars. Rats wouldn’t have to be mousing around as it will generally be a smooth year for them. And although occasional obstacles lurk, Rats will resolve them without a squeak. Single Rats looking for romance may be disappointed – the tender trap may be elusive. Rats singe or not may find themselves caught in love triangles.

The best business months include lunar months of March, July and August and the last three months of the year. Rats should plan and implement carefully.


Marry to achieve good health and drive away evil spirits.


A chance to overcome difficulties in the past. Be compatible with others. Do not doubt the competence of those who help since you really need it to make a score. To compromise any disputes is better than to argue.

Ox is surrounded by one intelligent star and many lucky and unlucky stars causing his luck to fluctuate/ And so as not to fall into traps, the Oxen should be very alert when signing documents such as contracts. Another priceless advice to the Oxen – Don’t gamble! But this is a lovely year – LOVE AFFAIRS will bloom even as a third party will come between you and your lover. When travelling, take the necessary road precautions.

It is not a good time to develop or expand business. Open-mindedness and a willingness to accept criticism is necessary for the Oxen to overcome difficulties. Seek consultation and do not engage in illegal activities.


Don’t get married this year! This is the rule of love for the female Ox. Getting married this year means encountering five evils. A female Tiger’s marriage this year will collapse due to oppression and infidelity. The male Ox should also watch out for five women who are ready to amass his wealth.


A better year coming with prosperous returns. Your efforts and hard works are recognized. Effective goals will come in July. Motivate your friendly approach to people cause you can be easily misunderstood as uppity and standoffish.

The Tiger may lose some of his prize strips as he clashes with the Dogs. However, since the Tiger has three lucky stars and his compatible zodiac signs – Horse and Dog are lucky this year, his misfortune could be diminished. Tigers may bite into a large chunk of income from different sources. But it is wise to avoid gambling or risky investments.

Tigers clash with Dogs. Based on traditional Chinese calculation, Tigers are in bad luck so they should therefore be careful about what they say. Do not leak commercial secrets otherwise the outcome will be disastrous.


The female Tiger is fortuitous when it comes to falling in love. Having a lover means being lucky also in business. The male Tiger should also find should also find a lifetime partner to be prosperous. The star of love rules above him. If he does not get married this year, he will not get married until the 12th year starting today. The male Tiger should also avoid extramarital affairs for they will come in dozen. Infidelity is bad for business.