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April 2020 monthly horoscope


You have a strong idealistic streak this month, with your ruler Mars in an independent, airy position. This means that you are taking pride in your intelligence and may be looking around for a good cause to champion.

So instead of standing up for yourself in a narrow, self-centred way, you are more likely to take someone else’s side and do battle on behalf of something you believe in. You may also develop an underlying technical side this month, especially around the 13th perhaps, when computers, mobile phones, cameras and every other type of technology take on a fun, fascinating and almost human side. Keeping in touch this way is fun, so do use text messages, email and phone calls to shorten the distance between yourself and whoever is important to you. Until the middle of the month, you also have Venus going through your sign, bringing an enhanced attractiveness and a sociable side that appeals to others. An excellent way of working with this is either to bring people together, or else to go where you know people congregate. You are likely to be popular at this time, especially until the 16th and if there has been an awkward atmosphere between you and anyone close, you can use your supercharged charm to smooth things over.


There is an open door for you this month, not wide open perhaps, but with enough light showing for you to get your foot in. So this means with a little effort, you can not only show yourself in the finest possible perspective, but you can also push your ambitions further forward too. The Full Moon in your opposite sign on the 24th is a passionate moment in the month, though you may also get your wires crossed. So if you have something exciting to do at this time, then fine, but it may be better to take it easy and wait for more desirable days. These could be coming as Venus crosses your Sunsign from the 16th onward, so you can enjoy the company of like-minded people and possibly meet someone who puts a spring into your step. You may not consider that making an image for yourself can be done without spending large amounts of money, but you make the most of your materials this month. So if you have old clothes that you haven’t given an airing for a while, give them a second look and consider whether they could be put to alternative use. Though you are a creature of habit and like your luxuries, you also have a more inventive inspiration and may surprise people with the ideas you put forward.


You have a following wind this month and your direction seems assured from the start. While at other times you may stumble and trip over your path, unsure of where to go next, now you feel pulled along as if on auto-pilot, on your way to high achievement. This is also a time when you can combine a careful consideration of other people’s feelings with a full on rush towards your own goals. If you are called upon for a leadership role, you step to the front and take charge as if you have been born to it. You do this with tact and style, inspiring people from the front and without arousing jealousy or resentment. In the first week of the month, your world may be enriched or enlivened by new information coming your way, or perhaps an old offer presenting itself for inspection once again. When Mercury goes direct on the 12th, it is probably safe to commit yourself to a contract, position or relationship without fear that second thoughts will get in the way. However, your instincts are sharp and you know what to do, what to buy and what to watch out for, so if someone makes you an offer, trust your inner voice.


You may feel as if you have been asked to sit particularly tough exams in the last few weeks, tested and tried until you are thoroughly tired out. All that has been demanded of you has been work, work and then some more work, leaving no time for you to relax, sit back or spend any time whatever in the comfort zone. However, you should be seeing some results for your efforts, and the changes that you have been through over the last few months may also be evident to others. So if there are authoritative people around, they may be favourably impressed with your application and may decide to reward you with increased influence. While you have worked and sweated hard for what you have got, there are also rewards in terms of freedom on offer, even though they may seem hard won at the time. You are not daunted by the prospect of having to beat your own path, put your own image together or find your own friends. So while you may seem slightly at odds with people around you at first, you may find them looking to you for inspiration eventually. The Full Moon on the 24th may be a good time to have a break, plan a night out and thoroughly forget yourself for a while.


Mars making a move through your relationship zone this month makes you either particularly passionate or ultra impatient. Possibly you will be both, but one thing for sure is that your interaction with others takes on a more intense aspect, and perhaps a competitive edge. Carrying out a plan together with other people may suffer slightly from this syndrome, so try and put your own interests on hold and look instead at the overall picture. You may feel pulled in different directions – you so want to join in with a particular group or party, but another element within you longs to forge out on your own. Trying to square this dilemma may take up some of your time, especially around the 14th when you really can’t decide which way to turn, but don’t burn your bridges with important contacts. This impulse to express yourself individually may be a short-lived sensation, and in a while you are once again happy to join in with the general run. Happily, you have a sociable side happening for you this month which smoothes the rough edges between you and others, so you may be welcomed with open arms at the point where you return to the fold.


This month starts making sense to you the more it moves on. At the outset, you are in an impatient mood, eager to push on, organise everyone and in the typical Virgo style, create order out of chaos. This may focus on your most intimate relationships, or perhaps personal issues you share most deeply with someone close to you. So if you are in a liaison, you have to mark the boundaries between you both and discover the level at which they dissolve and you meet on a more understanding level. Money-making matters come under this umbrella and though your finances may be in a fairly healthy state, you must decide who owns what and what belongs to who. So if you lend someone a DVD or prized item of clothing, make sure they know to give it back! As the month moves on, however, the tone becomes gradually earthier, suiting your temperament much better, as the focus shifts on to fun and flirtation. Your people skills come into their own after the 16th, so even if you discover that you have to make rapid changes and breaks appears in your path, you can take any event in your stride.


Make the most of this month, with so much airy energy around, you should feel entirely at home. Between your immense energy, leadership ability and your present positive optimism, people find you and inspiring presence and should be ready for your call. Early in the month especially, you are in outstanding shape, with a creative combination of dynamism and imagination working for you. So whatever the task you have facing you – finding new friends, excelling at work, or securing a date for the weekend, you stand to succeed. Always stylish, your eye for fashion has never been sharper and you present yourself in the most flattering and at the same time innovative light. Creating different combinations of clothes that others may not have the vision to bring together sets you apart, so trust your taste and don’t be dictated to by conventions of the season. While it may be hard for you to forge a path without the approval of others at times, now you are in a position to stand out, without losing support. So although there may be hurdles to overcome in the form of work or your overall direction, people should be so won over by your charm that you can’t help succeed.


The passing currents are washing in your favour this month and there is nothing you can’t try your hand at. While others around you may be making great changes, sudden alterations in their job, love life or personal style, you are taking your time and introducing a quiet revolution that is far more effective in the long run. This is perhaps because change does not intimidate you, but rather seems like a natural and quite exciting process that brings you into contact with new experience. You are not so furiously intense as you can sometimes seem, viewing the world from a detached perspective that takes into account that everyone is different. So you have no need to try and control others and from the 16th especially, you are getting on very well with people around you, effortlessly bringing them along with you. If you have need of friendship therefore, or want someone to be there to listen to your troubles, you shouldn’t find yourself alone – though they may not answer all of your needs. There is something of a love versus friendship situation going on and a guy that comes into your life this month might become more of a brother figure than a romantic proposition. The Full Moon on the 24th however, may be a time to challenge that assumption and should be a day enjoyed to the max.


If you are taking a dip into the style pool and fancy a change of look, then this month has plenty of opportunities available. You usually have your finger on the pulse of the moment, and more than this, may be found living in the future, ahead of the current fashionable high street images. So despite what the magazines may claim, the most up to date look available are often those shown by Sagittarians before other people have caught up. What is more, you are at your most resourceful this month so you don’t have to spend vast fortunes on the prestige labels, but a little creativity with your old wardrobe can produce something equally striking. A complete transformation of your personal appearance starts with an innocent intention to overhaul what may be tired or worn out in your world. Certainly, others will be surprised at your latest haircut or clothing creation, but if they think this is a passing fad or phase, then they have yet more surprises in store. The New Moon on the 8th is an excellent time to start your fresh fashion statement, with a favourable alignment of all things that fill your world with fascination.


Though you may be toiling at the moment, with some apparent setbacks to sift through, this month has much to offer in the way of consolation. Venus making a friendly angle to you from the 16th onward is a perfect example, giving you a pleasant outlook and a pleasing manner that woos people you wish to draw into your confidence. At other times, your relationships seem to rub up against the different corners of your life – your home, your work, the approval of others, but at this time the balance is just right. At a difficult time, when plans you may have worked hard at come up against steep slopes that seem certain to stand in your way, it is important not to get too wrapped up in what might have been. In fact, anything, in either love or work, that doesn’t give the desired outcome should be written off and put down to rich experience. One of your great gifts as a Capricorn is your patience and power of endurance, so just a little longer to wait finally sees the pressure pass away as the Sun comes up again. New projects that promise greater personal satisfaction take the place of worn out plans that only lead to heartache. The 29th is a date to set your sights on, a time to take yourself away and forget about the wider picture for a while.


This is a month to breeze through your work and push yourself that little bit further. If there are a million things staring at you, waiting to be done, then you might amaze even yourself at the rate you rip through them. Do your home decorating, sort out your paperwork, mend your shoes and still have time left over for an exhausting social whirl. This is exactly the course you ought to take right now – fill your routine with tiring, but rewarding tasks and chalk each one completed up as a triumph. The only let up in your otherwise unstoppable energy comes around the 17th when you might allow yourself a little respite, or pause to decide on the next step. You feel confident in yourself, especially if your self-image has taken a knock recently and you put yourself across persuasively. Just be careful that you don’t try and take on too much, or that your boldness doesn’t turn into a brash display of bravado. Try also to keep your competitive instinct within boundaries and instead of making hollow noises about your grand intentions, let your actions do the talking. Indeed, though you may be in a strong and assertive phase, this may also be a good time to resolve difficulties with people whose friendship has fallen out of favour. Putting your energies into making peace would be a priceless use of your time.


You may be mulling over an offer that you have received recently, either at work or in a personal affair. While you feel more settled in terms of your career direction, where you are heading and what you want, you are still waiting for the profit part to put itself forward. It is only a matter of time, however, so if you instinctively feel that you are on the royal road toward success, then don’t deviate simply because the money hasn’t shown itself yet. It is very likely that you will have to make major adjustments to things in your world which you have relied on up to now, especially those that have become too tired. This may involve a gamble, where you have to stick your neck out against advice others are giving you, especially those who think they know better – but you do have to trust yourself. This is not an excuse to go against authority simply for the sake of it, but ultimately no-one else can make your decisions and you will have to commit yourself to a position. So while your road may seem rather rocky until you get a new route sorted out, the overall outlook is for a brighter, fuller and more varied future. The Moon going through your sign on the 6th is an excellent time for a little reflection, to plan where you are going and to plot your future successes.

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