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Aquarius Horoscope 2021 UK

Any astrologer would tell you that with Neptune and Uranus in your sign and Saturn squaring you from Taurus, your current aspects could best be described as challenging. But isn’t the Aquarian Age supposed to be your time to shine, the long-awaited era with your name on it? The answer is yes, and with Jupiter and Saturn entering Gemini by the summer, the proof of this won’t be long in coming. In the meantime, try to think of 2020 and the first six months of this year as a time of training and discovery that prepares the way for you to step into the spotlight and come into your own.


Aquarian’s eccentricity and extremism is often revealed most clearly in unusual health beliefs and practices. And the way in which you experiment with various diets and regimens, arbitrarily starting or stopping on a whim, does tend to put your body through its paces. With Saturn squaring your birth sign on and off during the first eight months of the year, you may feel a bit drained and tired, and at those times it will be right and proper to coddle yourself more than usual. Especially in mid-April and mid-September, when Mars enters the picture, you’ll benefit by listening to what your body tells you and acting accordingly.


As the new year dawns, a lunar eclipse occurring in your relationship angle on January 20 will bring long-suppressed emotions to the surface. You may not realize how controlled and self-contained you appear, but in fact you often leave others — even those most beloved and intimate — guessing. This year, though, if you can let yourself be more self-revealing and emotionally daring, you’ll be able to turn over a new leaf. With Venus in your birth sign from mid-February to mid-March, you’ll become more conscious of the power you possess to attract and keep love — especially if you don’t withdraw or distance yourself when the going gets tough, which it will at February’s end. Whatever occurs from mid-July to early August promises to bring stars to your eyes, and with Venus returning to Aquarius in early December, the year 2021 should end with something to celebrate.


Your attitude toward financial matters is a peculiar one, because although you have a healthy respect for what money can buy, your ideals also tell you to disparage acquisition and materialism. If you tuned in to the stars’ message during 2020, though, you’ve recently taken a particularly pragmatic view, and you’ve attempted to make your life and circumstances more secure by curtailing spending and shoring up your resources. The year 2021 may bring some major expenditures, especially in late May, when a purchase or payout will take its toll. Nonetheless, you appear to be building a strong foundation for future growth, and whatever occurs in December should help ease any strain.


In 2020 you bit the bullet and played your part no matter how difficult and demanding it may have been. Sometimes you wondered if anyone recognized the quality of your contributions or how unstintingly you gave, but you kept on despite a frustrating lack of recognition or reward. Saturn hasn’t completely finished with you as the year 2021 gets under way, but having weathered the worst of it, you’re nearly home. Think of yourself as a diamond and of Saturn as a jeweler who’s bringing you to a bright shine. In January you must take on new commitments and responsibilities, and as February, March, and April go by, you’ll firm up your position and gain more credibility. Mid-April will be stressful, but what occurs in May promises to brighten your outlook. As major planetary patterns shift between July and September, fortune will begin to smile. The period from October through early November will bring some slowdowns and frustrations, but nothing can take away from all that you’ve gained.

Aquarius Man

The Aquarian guy likes to do things differently. Futuristic and far-sighted, he is unique and proud of it, and dislikes anything that makes him conform. Often rather cool and detached, he usually relates better to groups than individuals, and heavy emotional scenes tend to confuse him. As a lover, he makes a very good friend. Quirky, inventive and full of ideas, he is generally idealistic and wants to do things by the rules – as long as he gets to make the rules! He wants a girl he can relate to as an equal, who preferably has her own mind and shares his views on how to make the world a better place. Unpredictable as you like, if you are looking for someone to get into a cosy routine with, best forget it here, but if you want a refreshing change of pace with someone a little different, then this is your guy.

3 Life Lesson the Aquarius Woman has to offer in 2021

1. Make the people around you laugh!
The woman born under the influence of this astrological sign is great at making the people feel good. Sense of humor is not something missing from her personality traits, so she takes full advantage of it. Perhaps you won’t be able to make jokes as she does, but you can at least try to bring a smile on the faces of those around you. They will look at your with different eyes.

2. Be flexible!
Your life will be much easier if you learn to adapt faster at the changes in your life. The Aquarius woman has no issues in this matter, therefore she manages to get the best out of any new environment, even from the start. She perceives these changes as new opportunities, not as a reason to lock yourself up in your own shell.

3. Respect other people’s opinions!
Just as the Aquarius woman, learn to accept the opinions of those around you. Don’t regard your own opinion as the best there is, one that should be entirely respected. People are different, therefore they have different life principles. It will be much easier for you to get along with everyone around you when you will understand this.

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