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Aries horoscope 2021 UK

Rather than being daunted by doomsday predictions, the typical Aries can’t wait to ring in the new year. Your true nature is that of a pioneer, venturing where no one’s ever gone, opening up and preparing the way. In fact, if you can’t fulfil this role in some fashion, you’re likely to feel compromised, trapped, and uneasy. Right now you’re at something of a crossroads, confronting confusing choices and redefining your own personal code. As this year begins, you must be prepared to exercise patience while also refusing to abandon what matters most: the right to be true to yourself.


Like Scorpio, which is also ruled by hot, forceful Mars, you tend to push yourself past your limits and steadfastly ignore any physical complaints. Perhaps this reflects your need to live up to a heroic or superhuman ideal. Most Aries have more energy than they know how to handle, but this year will hold periods when the planetary conditions will be less than optimal and when you’ll feel a bit more drained than usual — particularly when Mars is out of favor with your sign, from mid-June through July and from early November through December. August, though, brings a discovery or breakthrough that brightens your health picture.


In all other areas of your life, you tend to be honest to a fault. In love, though, you often clam up and withdraw into frantic activity in order to avoid feared confrontations or blowups. This year you can disperse the few clouds lurking on your romantic horizons if you stop denying, strip off your facade, and speak from the heart. Venus’s journey through your solar chart in the year 2021 traces a path that accents romantic getaways in January, unexpected encounters from mid-February to mid-March, and love’s renewal in April 2021. When Venus tangles with Saturn in late February, mid-March, and early August, though, you must be prepared to take the rough with the smooth, say your piece, and express your feelings, no matter what the consequences. With Venus entering your relationship angle, September promises to be a healing and magical month that initiates a new phase in your personal life.


Although the astrological writings describe Aries as impetuous and impulsive, you can be surprisingly cautious in your financial dealings — and with Saturn currently ensconced in the area of your chart pertaining to money and values, you’re even more inclined to practice restraint. You were born with a powerful survival instinct, and you intuitively know when to take risks and when to hold back. Continue to follow your hunches this year and take advantage of the brilliant opportunities that will come your way in late February and early March. May is the time to sit tight; August accents property transactions; and in November you should get ready to alter a long-standing arrangement.


Think of 2017 as a bridge and 2021 as what lies on the other side. Jupiter’s passage through your sign has brought an increased awareness of your talents and calling. As this year begins, that planet’s continued presence in Aries is telling you to finish what you’ve started and press forward with your plans and dreams. By February, when Jupiter enters the practical, earthy sign of Taurus, you must be prepared to strategize, whittle details down to size, and follow-through. In May logistical problems and conflicting viewpoints are likely to involve you in a tug of war, and it will be crucial to stick to your guns without alienating important allies. July initiates a new and particularly favorable phase that accents travel and new connections. Try to remain consistent and cautious from October to December, when Jupiter’s direct motion will liberate you from limbo, bringing long-awaited news and intriguing offers.

Aries Man

The Aries guy is bold and impulsive. He sees himself as a daredevil and a trailblazer, so if he’s into you, he will make the first move and ask questions later. While he likes to make a conquest, it’s the thrill of the chase that really excites him – so let him come to you, but remember he needs a challenge and he doesn’t want someone who is a pushover. Some Aries guys have a softer side – the occasional lamb in among the rams – but most of them like to show their macho credentials and feel most comfortable when they are taking charge. So if you’re looking for the sensitive type, better look elsewhere, but if you despair at wimpy, crybaby guys and prefer someone who’s strong and assertive, and not afraid to show it, then look no further.

3 Life Lessons the Aries Woman has to offer for 2021

1. Live life with passion!
Follow the example set by the Aries woman and do everything with passion. If you fight with determination, it’s impossible not to reach the place you want to be. Live your life intensely and don’t carry with you any regrets from the past.

2. Be brave!
The Aries woman also has her fears, but unlike other zodiac signs, she doesn’t allow them to paralyze her actions. Therefore, don’t be afraid to act, especially if you really want to achieve a certain goal.

3. Don’t accept half measures!
Do not settle for less than you deserve, always fight to achieve more. And if things are not the way you want them to be, go on with no regrets. You deserve a beautiful and fulfilled life, so you have no reason to accept anything that you don’t like.
Don’t forget these life lessons taught by the Aries woman! You will see the difference as soon as you change your attitude towards life.

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