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CANCER horoscope 2021

Some may complain that Cancers take everything too personally, but you’re one of the few people who are capable of being completely present emotionally rather than intellectualizing or rationalizing. Last year did hold some trying and turbulent moments that doubtless threw you for a loop, but it was also a time of emergence, discovery, and significant triumphs. With Saturn remaining in Taurus for most of the year 2021, you’ll still feel torn between different options and pursuits. But with Jupiter speeding forward, by April you’ll home in on personal and professional choices that are guaranteed to lift your spirits to an all-time high.


If you’re a typical Cancer, you have a great appreciation for good food and a penchant for artistry in the kitchen. You take an interest in your physical well-being, but you’re not an avid calorie counter or health-food devotee. In 2021, though — and especially in late January and mid-May — Pluto’s position in Sagittarius indicates that you’re likely to undergo an epiphany that awakens a greater interest in health, diet, and matters of self-care. January is also a perfect time to focus on health issues and search for answers, as is the period from mid-October through mid-November.


Like the crab — your symbol — you sport a hard shell to protect your vulnerable inner self and emotions. As a result, others often get the impression that you’re a great deal tougher than you actually are. As the year 2021 begins, you appear to be searching for answers in your romantic life and wondering whether or not you’ll ever be understood by those who profess to love you most. And with first Jupiter, then Saturn, heading into the most introspective angle of your solar chart, you must be prepared to look inward and assess your own attitudes and behavior in order to answer these questions and change the script. The eclipses of July 1, July 16, and December 25 will bring hidden tensions to the surface. With Venus in your relationship angle from late January to mid-February and from mid-November to early December, though, Cupid will be aiming his arrow at your heart.


Recently, the dual influence of Uranus and Neptune has kept you in a feast-or-famine pattern. As a result, you’ve been forced to develop a more philosophical approach to your financial affairs and to fret and agonize less over the inevitable ups and downs. Of course, feeling snug and secure is of paramount importance to any Cancer native, and this year, with Uranus and Neptune surging forward through late May, you should be able to make steady progress toward your financial goals. Early March is the time to put any new monetary arrangements in place, and the period from mid-July to early August is perfect for striking a bargain or making a long-considered purchase.


For some time you’ve been engaged in the difficult but exhilarating process of reinventing yourself and carving out a new professional niche. You’ve been forced to reach deep inside and pull out strength, willpower, and confidence you didn’t even know you possessed. During 2021 you also had a chance to experiment, explore, and assess new situations and associations. As the year gets under way, your horizons will expand, and obstacles that have stood in your path will finally crumble. No matter how anxious you may be to pin down new commitments, though, don’t give in to the temptation to settle too swiftly or sell yourself short. Opportunities will abound from February through June, and you’ll achieve a long-sought goal. By July it will be time to focus on following through, and between September and December you must be prepared to review, reassess, and do some major stage setting for future successes.

Cancer Man

The Cancer guy is a softie underneath a hard protective shell. He may deny it at first, but he wants someone to mother him – almost as much as he needs someone he can baby in return. Moody, touchy and sensitive of course, he will make you feel feminine while you talk to him about your feelings, and he’ll never forget your birthday – he was a caring, sharing New Age male before the term was even invented. Sometimes you may feel like you are with a girlfriend, except the Cancer guy will probably understand you better. He has a macho side too, however: tenacious, possessive and occasionally controlling, his attentions can be rather overwhelming and no-one will be more protective. He’ll appreciate someone who supports his dreams when his cranky moods get him down, because he’s often more ambitious than he seems. Make him some food and listen to his troubles – just like his mother does.

3 Things to Learn from the Cancer Woman in 2021

1. Be yourself!
The native of this zodiac sign doesn’t go overboard to be liked by others, she just acts genuinely. The fact that she doesn’t try to seem something she is not, draws a lot of congeniality. Those around her appreciate this trait, so you should try to follow this example more often.

2. Fall in love!
Don’t be afraid to fall in love, enjoy every sensation the most beautiful feeling in the world has to offer you. Even if she knows she might get hurt, the Cancer woman will still madly fall in love. Those around her might thing of her as being a bit naive, but she has more to gain in life because she always makes choices with her heart, not with her mind.

3. Show your loved ones how much you cherish them!
The native of this astrological sign is not ashamed of her feelings, so she always shows the people close to her how much she loves them. Follow her example and show your dear ones how special they are to you. Even if there are certain misunderstandings between you, it’s always best to let them know that you are thinking of them and that you care about them.

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