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Capricorn horoscope 2020

You, more than others, should feel prepared for whatever the new year brings. In fact, Neptune and Uranus’s recent journey through your sign gave you an initiation into the New Age before it had even dawned. Whatever occurred in your life in the last 10 years must have been nothing less than mind-altering and emotionally transformative. Now you must continue to embrace change and trust your intuition. In the year ahead timing will be important. You’ll find that your consistency is your trump card and that, paradoxically, the new and the old will combine to bring you new success.


Most Capricorns are conscientious about their physical well-being; some might even consider you obsessed with matters of diet and health. Enviably, though, you possess the discipline to stick to a program and achieve your goals. This year the periods when your energy level may come under siege or when you’ll require extra TLC will occur from mid-February to late March, mid-June through July, and in December. Even though you’ll feel driven and adrenalized at these times, you should take care to not burn the candle at both ends. Early June and late December are optimal moments to investigate any health concerns and nip potential problems in the bud.


Your emotions aren’t easy for others to read, and as the year 2020 gets under way, the need to be more forthcoming and communicative will become a burning issue in your romantic life. You must take care to not tune out a loved one or become so wrapped up in doing and achieving that you fail to see what’s under your own nose. With Venus traveling through your sign between January 24 and February 18, that period promises to be a romantic high point. But eclipses occurring on July 1 and July 16 mark the times when your private life will go through a tricky, eye-opening phase. If you try not to slam the emotional doors but instead listen and put yourself in someone else’s shoes, July can be a marvelous turning point. Venus’s prominence in September and from mid-November to early December indicates that romantic opportunities won’t be sparse, and you’ll have many chances to put on your dancing shoes and be spontaneous.


Is it true that Capricorns fret about finances and security more than the rest of us? You’re certainly inclined to feel anxiety in this area, and Uranus and Neptune’s current position in your financial angle won’t make it any easier to stop obsessing. Bold new schemes can put you firmly in the black this year, but in late February you’ll find it best to adopt a wait-and-see approach, and in mid-May you should stop while you’re ahead. With Uranus moving retrograde from late May to late October, your wisest course is to be patient and persistent. By November favorable developments will enable you to achieve a monetary goal.


Unlike last year, when the energy tended to drag, the planets this year will move along at a lively clip. Especially in your professional activities, you’ll benefit by sticking to what you know while also adding something recently discovered. The presence of Saturn and Jupiter in earthy Taurus during much of the year indicates that you must combine creativity with common sense to reach the goals you’ve set. January is the time for major decisions involving your direction. Between February and July projects and new ventures will gather a momentum that makes success nearly inevitable. Be prepared to contend with a stymieing problem in mid-April and with perplexing choices in late May. August is the time to reassess your situation and do some reality checking. With Jupiter in retrograde motion from October through December, the last three months of the year will serve as a period of preparation for future expansion.

Capricorn Man

This guy is ambitious – he may not show it but he wants to get to the top and he’s looking for the right kind of girl that he can take with him on his upwardly mobile journey. He’s shrewd and businesslike, so if he chats you up, be sure that his come-on is carefully planned and he’s got an agenda all worked out. This can mean that he’s not big on spontaneous, ‘let’s-just-go-and-do-it’ fun, but rest assured he takes his relationships seriously and he’s likely to be around for the long haul. All this pressure to achieve may make him a little gloomy sometimes, so he might look to you to lighten him up and take him out of himself. He’s got a dry sense of humour, though and will be wise beyond his years. So if you want to make a classy investment in the future with someone who will appreciate with time, then Mr Capricorn could be for you.

3 Things to Learn from the Capricorn Woman in 2020

1. Be organized!
The Capricorn woman is famous for being disciplined and organized. These characteristics represent just few of her secrets for success. Follow her example and you will enjoy at least half of her achievements. Everything around you will become much clearer after this.

2. Opt for change!
The representative of this zodiac sign is not afraid of changes and of what the future might bring her way, at least not to the point of paralyzing her actions. She can sense when is the right moment to move on and she never waits for the last drop that makes the cup run over. She prefers to leave with her head high up and have her peace of mind.

3. Always be informed!
Other criteria you should take into account, if you want to be like the Capricorn woman, is the willingness to stay informed. Let it grow inside you and keep focusing on your personal development. Shortly, you will be satisfied with your progress.

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