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Chinese Love Horoscope in the Year of the Ox 2021

The Ox’s love affair will go through several trials in this new year.

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It’s all up to you in this Chinese New Year.

If you want a serious relationship, then that’s what you get. Most of the time, however, you are tempted to live only the moment, without thinking about the future. You are unpredictable, but you will not suffer in this regard regardless of your failures. If you already have a stable relationship, your boyfriend may lose confidence in you for various reasons.


The year of the monkey brings you more confidence and that is why you will be able to solve your emotional problems without anyone’s help.

If you have a serious relationship, then it would be good to bring something new to the bedroom and make your partner fall in love with you again. You don’t have to be in a bad situation to have to make a change. Look at your boyfriend as a friend, this year is not a good time to communicate with others.


A change at the beginning of the year is just right.

Try to think more about your boyfriend and put him on an equal footing with you. If you are not old enough to go through life, you will want to experience more and more new things about sex or relationships. If you are single, you definitely like this status and you are having fun.

Start this Chinese year more optimistic and do everything you can to give another chance to the relationship in which you are engaged.

Nothing can stop you if you really want to, and on this occasion you will test the intentions of your lover. You have to control your impulsive reactions well and try to tolerate more and more, only this way you will be able to get good results.


This year you have the chance to find a stable partner, but most likely you will have some grievances about it as you get to know him better.

You will have tensions in the family and you will not be able to make them disappear too easily. Only later will the waters calm down, but most likely on their own, no matter what efforts you make. If you have been engaged in a serious relationship for a long time, you may receive a marriage proposal.

There will be major and unpredictable changes for you this year on a sentimental level.

The evolution of your relationship will be very fast after a moment of balance and it is possible for children or a marriage proposal to appear. You will be surprised at every step and you will feel butterflies in your stomach most of the time. It is very important to be as honest as you can with your life partner and not to be influenced by anyone. If you are single, from time to time you may find yourself engaged.


Your love affair will go through several trials in this new year.

The good news is that you will survive the pressures around you and then you will be invincible. Balance is the key word and you have to do your best to find it. If you are single, the chances of finding someone with whom to even get along with each other will increase in the beginning, at least in the early stages of the relationship. It is very important to know what you want from life!


This year it is time to make a change in your love life.

You will fall in love quickly, you just have to be open to this deep feeling and not be afraid of disappointment. If you have a stable relationship, it is very important not to allow the family to interfere in your personal affairs, otherwise the tensions will affect your relationship in a negative way. Don’t make serious decisions because others want you to, but do what you feel!


Give up this beginning of the year to believe in the promises of your life partner.

Your admirers would do anything to say yes, but you also need facts, not just words. You are more and more attracted to the idea of ​​a family and you want it to the point where your boyfriend might feel pressured. There will also be romantic moments when you will feel fully satisfied, but also moments when you would like to run away.


There will be many problems and tests that will test your relationship this year, but you two will become stronger than ever.

It takes strong nerves to get over them, but it’s not impossible! The situation is not much changed compared to previous years, but you will be able to leave more of yourself and not be so annoying to your boyfriend or husband. This will be appreciated!

This year you are less willing to make an effort to make your relationship work, but you are tied at the last moment to a detail that always turns you back on track.

If the tensions between you are very high, you will surely break up. The good news is that you will recover very quickly and it is possible to replace your partner when you least expect it. If you have an already established family, the situation can be more difficult because there are more people involved.


The year of the monkey can bring you more stability in your love life, but you have to make an effort in this regard.

Don’t get involved in relationships where you don’t see potential, even if you’re tempted by the idea of ​​trying. If you already have a stable relationship, there will probably be serious discussions about a possible marriage.

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