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Chinese New Year 2018 predictions


You need to show your cares to people around you especially to your family. Harmony is the home for success. You may get help and luck from abroad therefore, you may consider moving or travelling.

Rabbit faces a hare raising year. Rabbits be jumpy as pressure at work mounts. Rabbit businessmen are advised not to jump hastily into anything (look hard before you leap), like expanding their business. Another 24-carrot advise for Rabbits, it is wise to seek ways to reduce cost and work at maintaining harmonious relationships with colleagues.

The luck of Rabbits fluctuates drastically. To increase their luck, they should try to get along with he Pig, Sheep, Horse and Tiger. Wicked people will try to take advantage of Rabbits who are likely to be in a financial difficulty this year. In order to prevent financial jeopardy, Rabbits should manage their finances with care, especially in the lunar months of January,February, July, October and December.


To be happy and successful, people born under this sign should marry early this year. They will be more lucky if they have children born this year, too.

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A year to stay calm and careful. The star of prosperity is still nearby however, beware of accident and travel. Follow the trend and train your quick tempered and stubborn nature.

The fire of passion burns . A marriage star shines, giving single Dragons greater opportunities to choose their partners. But for married Dragons, here’s a fiery warning: Try your best to be sincere and honest with your loved ones; otherwise, trouble and bad luck may come. Dragons should balance their work and social activities with time spent with their loved ones.

Dragons should try to seize the opportunity to improve their interpersonal relationships this year. They should stay away from alcohol, drugs and sex. Beware of commercial traps.


Dragon will get married and will be lucky in love. If a Dragon woman will not marry, she will travel instead and find there her dream boy. The Dragon man, on the other hand, will be very ” hot ” this year that he needs to find a partner right away.


Year of the Dog is symbolizing a progressive year with fruitful success. Your year will be further awarded by the chances from abroad. Moving or traveling will find unexpected surprise. Be cool and be emulated.

May lose some of his scales or fangs as he offends the Grand Duke (Tai Suey). Take heart though, for you will not end up in the snake pit even as you confront many difficulties. Bits of sharp advice for Snakes: It’s not a good time to enter into new investments. Be wary on the road and be careful when handling sharp objects such as knives and scissors.

Snakes need to calm down their emotion and show concern to their family members. Avoid gambling or investing money in stock market. Pay attention to health.


Love is in full bloom this year. Be ready to give and receive love. This is also the best time to get married.


A steady year with chances to change your life better and colorful. Beware of your health and take good care of yourself to avoid working accident.

Horse will have a real galloping time. Horses have nothing to neigh about as the beginning of the year brings them luck despite some occasional hurdles. Love relationships will prosper but self-control should be practiced lest you find yourself in trouble.

This will be a luckier year than last year. Try to avoid too much alcohol and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Love relationships will be promising;however, self-control is necessary to prevent problems. Young people will receive luck in their studies and careers.


Love is successful when merged with business. But be careful with your health. Getting married this year is lucky for both male and female. The Horse will be luckier if he or she will have a grandchild this year. Parents born under the sign of Horse will be successful in everything if one of his or her children will get married in the Year of the Dog. The road to falling in love can be found in parties.


A good year to start your new venture. Exploring chances from abroad will be profitable. Good people and friends are waiting to help. Beware of hidden attacks and unpredicted circumstances.

Rams will be counting sheep as they face a generally difficult year. Things may seemingly run smoothly at the beginning of the year but they will gradually turn bad. Count your blessing. Don’t take any risk when dealing with people. It is better to keep a low profile and endure difficult relationships. Don’t be greedy. Prepare yourself well for every opportunity that may come.

Sheep will have to face their misfortunes and challenges all by themselves or with the help of the Horse.


Everything will be postponed – wedding, aborted love affair, etc. Everything will seem to ignite at first instance, but the flame of love will soon fade out.


A profitable year to bring you with good chances. Watch carefully with February, June and August. Your clever, highly passionate and clearheaded nature can help to score the goals with ideal returns.

No monkey business please, as they year will prove to be very satisfactory. Perfect in terms of wealth and romance, especially for lady Monkeys. But the realm of work and health may not be as ideal. Consult a doctor at the first sign of any health problem.

It will be a good year, especially for ladies in terms of wealth and romance but not in the realm of work and health. Businessmen should be very careful in signing contracts especially in the lunar month of July.


It is always good to fall in love. Anybody you love will love you back. You will never be rejected. But then again, you have to choose between love and money.


Your self-confident, brave in body and spirit nature can help you to pass a year of dull. Chances are coming by autumn. Keep your punctual and reliable character to make your dreams come true.

Rooster has a lot to crow about as he’s extremely lucky, especially financially. Roosters will not go scratching around as investments will turn out to be profitable. However, Roosters should learn some lessons in human relations and try not to be self-centered.

Lucky months – lunar months of March, April, July, August, September and December.


The auspicious rule is this, marry to achieve good health and prosperous business will follow.


Your lucky star is knocking at your door. Learn how to open your door and welcome your luck as well as letting your door open for those who need your help. You are sure to win the world with your honest and generous nature.

Dog will be all bite and not much bark. Dogs will have a hectic work schedule, making the year markedly different from the Year of the Rooster. Relationships will be good and career prospects great. Those in dogged pursuit of true love may just find it this year – so Dogs don’t just sit there and roll over, GET MARRIED !

Bear in mind that the more you work , the more you gain. Dogs should also be independent in order not to be controlled by others.


When it comes to love, the female Dog is very expensive. She will not spend for her own wedding. As for the male Dog, be ready to spend for your partner on your wedding.


A profitable year coming with remarkable inbound and outbound success. Beware of jealousy. Reveal your gratitude for those tho help. Achievements can be made in summer and winter.

Pork chops or pork barrel ? It will be a tough year for Pigs or Boar as their sign directly clashes with the dog or the Grand Duke. Pigs may be grunting as they encounter difficulties, misunderstandings, gossips and a lot of trouble. Pigs should avoid vices like drugs, smoking and drinking. But such challenges will make even the most pig-headed Pigs even more patient and persistent.


Don’t trust love. Love means devastation for both male and female Pigs.


A good start for the beginning but moving towards drudgery. Greedy and materialistic desires will trap you into troubles. Stay confident and steady. Intractable behavior will be the obstacle of your fortune.

Rat will have three lucky shining stars. Rats wouldn’t have to be mousing around as it will generally be a smooth year for them. And although occasional obstacles lurk, Rats will resolve them without a squeak. Single Rats looking for romance may be disappointed – the tender trap may be elusive. Rats singe or not may find themselves caught in love triangles.

The best business months include lunar months of March, July and August and the last three months of the year. Rats should plan and implement carefully.


Marry to achieve good health and drive away evil spirits.


A chance to overcome difficulties in the past. Be compatible with others. Do not doubt the competence of those who help since you really need it to make a score. To compromise any disputes is better than to argue.

Ox is surrounded by one intelligent star and many lucky and unlucky stars causing his luck to fluctuate/ And so as not to fall into traps, the Oxen should be very alert when signing documents such as contracts. Another priceless advice to the Oxen – Don’t gamble! But this is a lovely year – LOVE AFFAIRS will bloom even as a third party will come between you and your lover. When travelling, take the necessary road precautions.

It is not a good time to develop or expand business. Open-mindedness and a willingness to accept criticism is necessary for the Oxen to overcome difficulties. Seek consultation and do not engage in illegal activities.


Don’t get married this year! This is the rule of love for the female Ox. Getting married this year means encountering five evils. A female Tiger’s marriage this year will collapse due to oppression and infidelity. The male Ox should also watch out for five women who are ready to amass his wealth.


A better year coming with prosperous returns. Your efforts and hard works are recognized. Effective goals will come in July. Motivate your friendly approach to people cause you can be easily misunderstood as uppity and standoffish.

The Tiger may lose some of his prize strips as he clashes with the Dogs. However, since the Tiger has three lucky stars and his compatible zodiac signs – Horse and Dog are lucky this year, his misfortune could be diminished. Tigers may bite into a large chunk of income from different sources. But it is wise to avoid gambling or risky investments.

Tigers clash with Dogs. Based on traditional Chinese calculation, Tigers are in bad luck so they should therefore be careful about what they say. Do not leak commercial secrets otherwise the outcome will be disastrous.


The female Tiger is fortuitous when it comes to falling in love. Having a lover means being lucky also in business. The male Tiger should also find should also find a lifetime partner to be prosperous. The star of love rules above him. If he does not get married this year, he will not get married until the 12th year starting today. The male Tiger should also avoid extramarital affairs for they will come in dozen. Infidelity is bad for business.

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