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January 2021 Monthly Horoscope


While your own planet Mars meandered at the back of last year, you lacked the power to make things happen in your world. Now, with Mars returned to full strength in Aries, and further boosted by the purposeful influence of Pluto, you have the power to make things happen. Everything you do has an immediate and potent effect – often taking you further than you intend, and sooner than you expected. It’s a little like driving a car which is more powerful than the one you are used to, though after a while you will start to enjoy the experience.


A little romantic interlude unfolds over the next few weeks. It may well start when you meet someone new, perhaps at a party or some other social gathering. You talk and enjoy each other’s company – but when you go home at the end of the evening, you realise that in all the excitement you have forgotten to exchange phone numbers. However, the forces of Fate have already arranged your next date, and at another gathering a few days later you will meet up again. Though there is there is no need now for new introductions, do remember the phone numbers this time.


Sometimes good opportunities come up at the wrong moment, and though you would very much like to take something up, the timing is all wrong. Maybe you can’t leave your job, or maybe you have already promised to do something else. However, the door of opportunity is not going to be closed for good, but held open until you are able to go through it. If this means giving you a few weeks while you quit your job and clear your diary, then OK. So best not to think too hard, but go along with fortune and be glad that you have been given the chance.


The hardest part of getting anywhere is the opening push. Once your work is moving and rolling along with momentum of its own, much less effort is required to keep it going. You are pushing as hard as you can this month, doing all you know to make things happen, but will it always be this hard? If so, then maybe you haven’t got what it takes. No, it won’t always be this hard. You will be rewarded, too, with the step up that you were aiming for and you will also be able to admire the view from the top.


The style of your current romance seems to be high-fashion, high-maintenance, though you are wondering if it will offer you a valid return. If one of your major aims is that you should improve your financial position, then the way the planets are placed suggests that this is a rather high-risk venture. However, if it does work out it, then it will undoubtedly be very profitable. If love is the major factor then forget the rows of figures, because love and money are not interchangeable currencies. Love doesn’t work in percentages. Ask your heart instead.


Sometimes the most obvious answer can be right there in front of you, but you still can’t see it, which goes for your personal life right now. There is a certain someone that you see very day and it’s obvious to anyone who knows you both that you are a perfect couple, meant to be together. Your friends realised it a long time ago, and have been doing all that they can to push you closer: in the beginning they were subtle about it, but now they are quite blatant. Go for it – how much encouragement do you need?


For the last few weeks your ruling planet Venus has been strongly placed in the skies, giving you the confidence to pursue your liaison more or less as you wished. Soon, however, you will no longer have the power that you did and you will find that the circumstances of the affair have subtly changed so that it is your partner who has the casting vote. Previously, you could have walked out of the affair at a moment’s notice; now, you won’t be able to without sacrifice. If that’s what you want, then fine: but take care.


Your two main planets Mars and Pluto are in such a good alignment with each other this month that it’s possible for you to do more or less whatever you want. So, if you start something positive, you can be assured of a favourable result. But you are looking for more than just a respite: now comes your chance to re-launch yourself. These excellent phases are too good to be wasted in idleness, no matter how tired you are; they have a real power to make your future better, and you must use them. So, what would you like to do?


Once in a while you meet someone and the magnetism between you is simply too hard to ignore. You are also well aware that if this affair goes as far as you want it to, the effect on other parts of your life will be enormous. It will change your life drastically and affect much that you have worked so hard to build. The risk, however, is part of the attraction. Is this the person you have been waiting for all your life? Your love destination is reached by many paths and it would be very dull to stay on the same road all the time.


Either through fear or doubt, you have allowed yourself to pull back from the brink of success. This month, however, you have had time to re-think your whole business through from the ground up and have realised that those who said they were giving you advice were acting in their own interests, not yours. Most of the time they had no real idea what they were talking about. So you can go with your original plan, doing what feels right to you and trusting your instincts rather than listening to the opinions of others. Success will taste all the sweeter for the wait.


End-of-season sales in big stores have items on offer that are a little ahead of their time, so you can’t quite see how they will fit in to your world. Likewise, some options open to you now are so radical, and so different from what you are used to, that you cannot imagine yourself taking them up. Aquarians are the individualists of the zodiac, and you are drawn to do what others don’t. Some of your options point you to the future, and some back to the past, but if you’re unsure, wait: the planets will give you a few months yet.


The re-appearance of a special someone from the past has a much greater emotional impact on you than you expected, and it is clear that the fires haven’t yet gone out. Memories of the past still have a power to disrupt, especially if find yourself thinking about going back, and undoing all your good intentions. However, there are no new factors in the mix, and nothing new to say. If you recognise that in yourself, and take steps to look after your emotional well-being and repair your dented confidence, then this latest episode will have been a beneficial experience.

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