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Leo horoscope 2021 UK

In 2020 you weathered the first round of Saturn in Taurus and of Neptune and Uranus in Aquarius, so you hardly need to be told that, for Leos, current planetary conditions aren’t exactly a bed of roses. Still, your ability to hold steady and maintain your dignity in the face of calamity, change, and outside pressures has proved that you’re made of sterner stuff than anyone imagined. And though no astrologer is likely to promise that 2021 will be a year of amazing highs and relatively few lows, Jupiter’s forward motion does mean that the clouds will lift as you begin to turn challenges into victories, once again emerging as the winner you were born to be.


Although it’s likely to be pure vanity that propels you to the gym on a regular basis or motivates you to stay on a sensible diet (most of the time), you’re more health-conscious than others suspect. Most importantly, you possess the willpower to curb negative habits and keep to the straight and narrow if you must. Because the challenging planet Saturn will aspect your birth sign during the first eight months of the year, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by conserving your strength and getting more rest. May is likely to prove an unusually stressful time, but you’ll become a real dynamo in September, when your energy will reach a new peak.


Romantically, 2021 may be somewhat volatile — especially in early May — but it also holds marvelous potential for magic and new horizons. With Uranus and Neptune in your relationship angle, you’re beginning to get the message that the rules of love — as you knew them — have changed, and that it’s a brand-new world. In fact, if your romantic life has become a bit unpredictable, you’ve also been learning to be more fluid, graceful, and accepting. Leos are renowned for their need for attention, which is also a subtle form of control. But since you’re being forced to let go and stop maintaining control, you’re also becoming more able to focus attention on others. Venus’s presence in your relationship angle will make late February through March a time of emotional highs; Venus in Leo will make you an irresistible magnet from mid-July through early August; and the period from mid-October to mid-November will arouse buried passions.


Like the two other fire signs, Aries and Sagittarius, you aren’t ruled by the almighty dollar, although you do appreciate — even adore — the good things money can buy. Leos are described as lavish spenders who revel in generous gestures, but you’re certainly not devoid of common sense, and you have no intention of jeopardizing your future. This year you’re likely to feel especially conscious of the need to curb your tendency toward extravagance and to salt funds away, especially in late May, when Jupiter and Saturn — the zodiac’s economic significators — conjoin. August will bring increased expenditures, and September and October mark a time of optimal opportunity.


In 2020 you realized that you couldn’t rest on your laurels but had to work even harder to convince others of your gifts, contributions, and worth. At times you may have felt as if you were out there alone in some uncharted wilderness, with no one to witness your struggles or praise your resourcefulness. If you have remained persistent, focused, and undaunted, though, you will finally start to receive your due as 2021 gets under way. With a lunar eclipse occurring in your sign on January 20, you may feel a bit eclipsed, but the period from February to July will see your detractors backing off and your star beginning to rise. Whatever occurs in May is likely to prove a mixed blessing, signaling the end of a cycle. In August and September you must work at formulating new goals, then pursue them diligently until year’s end, when opportunity will knock.

Leo Man

The Leo guy is an extrovert who loves an audience. He’s a show-off who will try to impress you and who needs lots of attention in return. You have to remember he wants to feel like the King and that you are his loyal subject, so he won’t feel embarrassed if you worship him. While this may be rather galling sometimes, remember he can be amazingly generous, with a special affectionate charm, and he is romantic too – Leo is the sign of the heart and secretly he probably sees himself as a knight in shining armour. Even if your Leo guy seems quiet, just remember this is his Clarke Kent side, to the Superman always waiting to get out. He will make you feel special, and as long as he doesn’t lord it over you too much, together you will feel you can take on the world.

3 Things to Learn from the Leo Woman in 2021

1. Be a leader for those around you!
Don’t be afraid to stand out and act as a leader. Learn from the Leo woman how to value your own ideas and how to promote them, you don’t have to keep them locked inside your dreamer’s chest forever. When you will be able to prove your strong character, the others will follow you everywhere.

2. Be ambitious!
When she sets her mind to do something, she won’t give up until she obtains what she wants. If you want to be successful in life, get inspired by the strong character of this native and the results won’t fail to appear. So far, there are no cases of Leo women who haven’t achieved success in their lives, so it’s worth the trouble of taking her zodiac sign as a model.

3. Be generous!
Another valuable life lesson you should learn from the Leo native is her generosity. Maybe she seems arrogant or snob sometimes, but she will never refuse someone who is asking for her help. When she buys gifts for her loved ones, she doesn’t even check the amount of money she spends.

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