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Luckiest Chinese Zodiac Signs in 2021

Horoscope: These zodiac signs are currently experiencing a year full of happiness and success!

2021 will be a great year – we are sure of that! Whether in love, at work or in health – in 2021 the stars are really good for all zodiac signs. For four signs of the zodiac, however, the prognoses look particularly good. Would you like to know which zodiac signs are very lucky in the coming year? Right this way!

Good luck in the horoscope: These zodiac signs will experience a year full of luck and success. This information was found on the Chinese astrology website

Click your way through our picture gallery and find out whether your zodiac sign is one of the lucky ones that awaits super good luck next year.

Don’t forget: everyone can have happiness in life

Do you want to be as lucky in 2020 as Capricorn, Cancer, Leo and Virgo? Could you! There is only one thing you need to do for this: manifest your happiness. Clearly, there is hardly anything as powerful and effective as the manifestation of happiness through positive thoughts.

Because if you believe in your happiness and think very firmly every day of how grateful you can be for your life, your loved ones and your health, then you will automatically become happier and will literally attract happiness. All of your actions will be aimed at this happiness and appear as if by themselves. In the end, you will get everything you have always dreamed of.

Actually easy, right? So: From today, don’t doubt anymore, but believe very, very firmly in your luck in 2021!

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We wish you a great new year with a lot of luck!


Virgo can finally look forward to change in 2021. Because the new year brings a lot of positive energy into your life.

2021 will be a really successful year for this zodiac sign. Not only at work, but also in terms of love and relationships.

It is high time to embrace this happiness and make the most of it. Who knows, maybe you should play the lottery and cash out really well!


2021 will also be different for Capricorn. The ambition and perseverance of this zodiac sign is finally paying off and it achieves many of the goals it has set for itself.

The Goat starts the new year with new motivation and a lot of positive energy. He brushes off negative experiences without any problems and he lets himself into everything new that lies ahead of him.


Last but not least, Ox is one of those zodiac signs for which 2021 will be an absolutely happy year. Because a lot will change for the better for him too. In the New Year, especially in love, the Taurus finally finds its long-awaited happiness. Be it a new partnership or the marriage proposal that he has been waiting for so long.

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