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March 2021 Monthly Horoscope UK


Mercury moving through your sign this month puts the emphasis on communication, in the authentic Aries motor-mouth manner! No problem at-all with this until the 20th, however when Mercury makes an about-turn, returning you to conditions in the recent past.

You may find yourself going back over old ground, as if someone is saying to you: ‘sorry, try again’. So if there are projects or relationships with people that haven’t paid off in quite the way you had planned, then you have a second chance pull it all together.

If possible, avoid making big decisions during this time window and instead, gather as much information as possible, so you can make intelligent choices in the following month. You may look back on work, a social occasion, or a chance for a relationship you may have had, that only now starts to make sense.

With your ruling planet Mars also changing sign on the 21st, look to the final week in the month to overcome technical problems that may have beset you. So if you have car trouble or a dodgy DVD machine, for instance, then this could be just the opening to show you can put things right on your own.


Aim to use the time between the start of the month and the 21st to complete important tasks standing over you. If you have felt tired or just not really like getting anything done, then you may find your enthusiasm returning, as you look forward more to getting up in the morning. If you are a typical Taurean, then you also look forward to having some luxuries in life and with the expansive planet Jupiter currently going back on his tracks, there could be new opportunities coming your way. This could be something, perhaps a job offer, that you either rejected or perhaps didn’t work out before, but now comes around again and this time you are readier to make a proper go of it. Plus, if your love life has become rather samey and you are looking for something a little out of the ordinary, then don’t be afraid to look in other areas. The signals at present suggest you need a more sensitive guy who isn’t just content to take you to the ‘right’ places, but wants to know a bit more about you as well. The strong waxing Moon in your sign on the 13th is an excellent time for adventure, when you can find someone to share a special moment.


There are several way that you can use the present time, either in terms of one to one relationships, or to further your creative causes. The intensity of your love life is in a fairly sharp contrast to your usual light, bubbly manner, but there seems to be no other way. Your vital forces are up and you have a focused, passionate manner about you that signals to everyone that you are serious. You may find it hard to come to an understanding with someone that you are with, and may be going through one of those phases where everything you say is misunderstood. So, while it may be easy to back yourself into an entrenched position and stubbornly refuse to compromise, giving in order to receive may be something to keep in mind. Remember also that though it may be slightly overshadowed at the moment, you have a diplomatic streak which you may put to good use. Plus, if you have a desire to make some more money, be on the lookout for plans and schemes that could transport you into a different financial sphere altogether. The Full Moon the 25th is the time when you reach a breakthrough in your personal affairs, finally seeing eye to eye with someone who has been out of contact for quite a while.


Though the last few weeks and months may have been a trial, admit to yourself that at least some of the things you have done have been worthwhile. Sometimes there is no choice but to keep on the path you are following, even if nothing seems to be going right, and simply wait for the tide to turn. Times change, however, and you don’t have much longer to wait before the sun comes out again and your load lightens. In the meantime, you have several tempting opportunities to distract you this month and if you are trying to make a good impression on someone, success should be coming your way. With Venus at a very useful angle towards you, use your winning manner to delight everyone, especially if there is someone who is looking for sympathy. This is something you may take for granted, but not everyone is able to listen to people’s troubles the way you can, and make them feel you understand. Someone opening up to you is of course a wonderful way to break the ice, and if romance develops out of if, then it could be a solid, long lasting affair. The New Moon on the 10th is the perfect chance to set this in motion and to embark on a new direction in your relationships.


The 21st sees a swing in your relationships, when you start to take a more assertive approach. Up to now you have been rather undecided about what you want and have allowed people to impose themselves upon you, or else have drifted into affairs without any real clear purpose. Now, however, you are more clear eyed about your intentions and other people had better come up to your expectations. So while you may run the risk of upsetting some people once you get to grips with where your love life is going, in this case, it could be overdue. Watch out for other people competing with you at this point also, for when you send the signal out that you are no longer a soft touch, the whole complexion of the game changes. However, along with a more headstrong manner, you also combine a flirtatious ‘come and get me attitude’, quite open and up for a conquest. This comes into effect especially around the 23rd, when you may notice old opportunities for love and profit coming your way once more. Hold back before committing yourself to a course too fully, but use the time up to the end of the month to gather information for future triumphs.


This month sees a chance to you to ground some of the changes you have been through recently. Perhaps you have been hanging around with a different crowd or have felt a desire to throw over all the safe, predictable patterns that have built up over time. Be careful, however, for regardless of the state of your love life, your friendships are at least as important and you have to keep them updated and in good repair. You can always make new friends, but it’s not so easy to find old friends. So if there is someone you know who has been having troubles, keep patience with them, for you may not realise what a strong bond you have until it is no longer there. You can also get into yourself more this month, with creative plans that put a spring into your step. Checking out movies, gigs and galleries is a great way to remind yourself you are alive, and unlike some other times, you can get into this cultural stuff without sacrificing your usual setup. Once you get past the New Moon on the 10th – which may be a down time in the month for you – a wide window of opportunity opens where you can enjoy yourself on several fronts at once.


Jupiter going through your sign at the moment is a cause for general rejoicing. Positive enthusiasm should be flowing in your veins, with a reassuring sense that everything is entirely possible and within your grasp. While this is not an excuse to become bombastic or overbearing, at the same time you can get away with being highly confident and self-assured. In fact, the best way to get the most from the present time is to think massively big and go for the very highest ambition you can. Truly, if it doesn’t entirely pay off, then you will still be propelled a long way toward your overall goal and no effort will have been wasted. Restrict yourself perhaps to one avenue of attack, rather than spread your energies over too many different projects. So if there is something to do with your work, then concentrate on that, or if your heart’s desire is to improve your home, then make this the focus of your intention. The only drawback of the present time is a desire to enjoy and expand everything slightly too much, with the result that you become physically heavier. While this comes from fun times and good living, you probably don’t want to be several sizes larger afterwards as a souvenir of this wonderful time in your life.


Several opportunities present themselves this month, and no matter which path you follow, a good result may be expected. How often can you say that? If you want to work hard and concentrate on the conventional route, then you have an excellent working ethic and a sensible knowledge of your own limitations. When work is going well, no extra effort is involved – you are efficient and economical and every ounce of energy expended is entirely effective. You know both what you want and how to get it, which is all to the good. However, you can also step out this month and experiment with career choices and different company that deviate entertainingly from the norm. So while you forge ahead with the conventional currency of your career, look around for some extra curricular activity – a new subject to study, some travel, a new and exotic liaison perhaps, and reflect on what you may learn from it. Venus is doing good things for you until the 21st, so you are both passionate and committed, while keeping a sense of perspective on what you are doing. For a wild and intense sort such as yourself, this may be a welcome change, where you can explore new experience to the fullest, without losing either your head or your heart.


Your latent diplomatic skills may come into the foreground this month, when you are called upon to mediate in a dispute between warring factions. Though you may possess something of a reputation for blunt speech, the fact is that you are equally very fair-minded, and simply call things the way that you see them. So you can be counted upon for an impartial judgement – if the parties involved don’t mind your unvarnished version of events. Aside from being a United Nations Peacekeeper for other people, you also have options of your own opening up, especially with Venus making a marvellous move at the end of the month. From the 23rd onwards, you can once again be surprisingly tactful, but this time use your negotiating skills to get ahead. Coming to a compromise over work conditions, or a money deal is something you show promise at, though be careful of committing yourself to a decision that cannot be undone. Keep your casual, cool headed approach and don’t let anything, either business-wise or personal, interfere with your own assessment of events. So if someone is coming on strong, or you receive an offer that appears too good to be true, check it out thoroughly against your own standards and if it doesn’t measure up, don’t be afraid to turn it down.


You have a very excitable energy about you this month, with a desire to dash off in all different directions. Perhaps you have an ultra competitive urge to show others what you can do, and if this lights a necessary fire underneath you, then cash in for all it is worth. However, you also excel at forward planning and a little of this will save both your energy and your blushes, if you should otherwise be tempted to head into something half-ready. Leaping into a love affair for instance may seem like the thing to do, as it seems there is not a moment to waste. Strike now, you say to yourself, or a wonderful person will pass you by, but in fact there is no reason to rush. Take a more detached view and reflect that if something is truly intended for you, then it won’t pass by and by making your every effort count, that you will make a much better impression when it really matters. Easy to say, perhaps, but the moral of the story is to take your time. Equally, this is not a period to try and salvage a work plan that hasn’t brought the success you had hoped for. Anything that is going away from you and always seems to remain out of reach is probably meant to be that way, even though you don’t realise it yet. Give yourself some credit and consider that something better and more worthy of you is just around the corner.


It has been hard for you to hit on a target that seems within your reach lately. You may have worked hard at your career or image, without really believing you have what it takes to succeed. Or else you have simply hoped for victory without putting in necessary effort and willpower. While it is true that anything really intended for you should be easier than a more unsuitable path, this does not let you off the hook of having to put the hours in. Neptune in the middle of your sign enlivens your empathy and idealism, and gives you a starry eyed impression of where you want to be. While this is a wonderful fantasy, the danger is that nothing in your everyday world seems good enough, and you simply resign yourself. Others may also find you slightly enigmatic at the moment, either detached and unworldly, or strangely sympathetic, as if you can tune in to their every intention. This, of course may be something they are beaming on to you, but don’t be surprised if strangers come up to you and start relating their life story. The Full Moon on the 25th is an up time in your month, and if there are opportunities to socialise and forget your cares for an evening, seize them and don’t let go.


The first three weeks of this month offer you an opportunity to get ahead in your relationships. Until the 23rd, Venus is happily in your sign, bringing you a sociable disposition and a certain cool chemistry that draws other people into your circle. At other times you may search for the right crowd to mix with, or a romantic opening that lifts you out of the ordinary, but now the cards are stacked in your favour and you don’t have to try so hard. Even if you are happily set with someone you see the sense of, you can still put a sparkle into the scene and remind yourself of why you liked each other in the first place. Plus, if you want to make a big impression on someone at the workplace, then your present potent powers are sure to be persuasive. The charming manner that marks your behaviour however, may also mask a more rebellious mood that lies under the surface. With an overwhelming urge to overturn the existing order, you may not know where you are heading, but you definitely know where you have been – and you have had enough of it. So, while a handy pay-the-rent position may have kept you comfortable up to now, you are more than ready for a brand new challenge.

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