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Nostradamus Predictions for 2021

As you may well know, the prophecies of the physician and astrologer Nostradamus are widely known around the world. Although for many they are unfounded because they believe that their omens are reduced to mere coincidences, for others, the Frenchman had a great gift for predicting the future.

Believe it or not, some of Michel de Nôtre-Dame’s claims were fulfilled. Perhaps one of the closest to us was the prediction of the attack on the Twin Towers, which centuries earlier described as “Two steel birds will fall from the sky in the metropolis. The sky will burn and there will be fire in the New Great City.”

On the occasion of the new year, today we will talk about some of the Nostradamus prophecies for 2021.

Geopolitics and terrorism. Both European countries and the United States will enter into debate with a series of questions that are not only related to the complex management of immigrants, but also to issues related to the astonishing increase in terrorist attacks.

Religious extremism. This point could be a little related to the previous one mentioned. Nostradamus predicted that in 2021 there will be significant growth in matters of “religious extremism” and that they will occur in a wide variety of countries. This, in short, will lead the world to disorder and wars.

The last pope. This is another of the most commented prophecies. According to Nostradamus, Pope Francis could be the last leader of the Catholic Church, which would imply his death.

Third World war. The astrologer would have predicted that “a war will begin between the two great world powers and will last a period of 27 years. It is believed that the Third World War will begin after the death of the Pope.

Asteroid impact. “A moment of great violence will coincide with the appearance of a comet in the sky.” This prophecy could refer to the constant threats between the United States and North Korea or the United States and Russia. However, it could also be interpreted that humanity must prepare for a great asteroid impact.

Climatic problems in Europe. As Nostradamus predicts, in 2021 some European countries will face floods of extraordinary magnitude and will suffer much damage. Among them, Great Britain, Italy, Hungary and the Czech Republic.

Climate change. Globally, the French doctor and astrologer predicts that the increase in temperature, the melting of the ice sheets and, in general, the consequences of climate change, will continue to affect our planet throughout 2021. Nostradamus warned “we will see that the water rises and the earth falls below it. “

Animal consciousness. “Pigs will become brothers to man.” According to Nostradamus, this 2021 society will experience the state of self-awareness about animals and suggests that our connection with nature will be much stronger.

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