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Pisces Horoscope 2021 UK

No sign is more fluid, flexible, and attuned to the fine nuances of change than Pisces. And change — especially in the form of curveballs arriving out of the blue — has certainly been in the air for you over the past few years. If 2020 was a time to test the limits, make difficult adjustments, and reformulate goals, what occurs in 2021 will raise the stakes, speed up the pace, and present a rare opportunity to get your personal life on a happier track. Still, Pluto’s prominence in Sagittarius will act as a constant reminder that nothing is permanent or written in stone and that your greatest achievement is to learn and evolve.


Mutable water is your element, and in some respects you’re as absorbent as a sponge. More than others, you need private time and space to unwind, release tensions, and emotionally regroup — even when you think you can’t afford it. In the year 2021 the particularly draining periods will last from early May to mid-June and from mid-September through October. Any efforts you can make at these times to minimize the wear and tear by indulging in a bit of self-pampering will go far to help avert physical problems and burnout. Mid-July to early August is the optimal period to start a diet or begin a new health regimen.


Yours is the last sign of the zodiac and is associated with secret troubles and imprisoning conditions. You do tend to take on emotional burdens that others would shrink from, and you generally feel more at ease in the role of giver rather than taker. For that reason, your greatest romantic challenge as the millennium dawns is to speak up when you feel in any way compromised, caged, or uncomfortable — even at the risk of upsetting someone’s applecart. With Jupiter entering a powerful angle of your chart by July, you’ll be focusing intently on personal matters and needs and will enter a more fulfilling and joyful phase of your life. This year romantic high points will occur from mid-March to early April and throughout most of August, although when Venus squares Pluto on March 23 and August 14, you must be prepared to look difficult truths straight on and dare to express what’s hidden in your own heart.


Pisceans are often portrayed as ineffectual dreamers who prefer to escape into fantasy rather than face reality. In fact, when it comes to money matters you’re quite shrewd and less liable than others to fall for pie-in-the-sky schemes. This year — especially in January — you’ll be focusing on long-range security and making crucial decisions about your financial priorities. April marks a particularly favorable period to realize gains, but you must be prepared to do some belt-tightening in May and early June. September will be the time to constructively alter any arrangements, make an investment, or acquire or sell the property.


As Saturn in Taurus continues to emphasize the acquisition of new skills and knowledge, learning will be especially important in the professional arena. In the year ahead you’ll be presented with several opportunities to scale new heights and achieve greater distinction, but you must also keep your ear close to the ground and adapt to power shifts and external changes. This will be especially true at the times when Pluto forms challenging aspects, namely mid-January, mid-May, and early October. You should try also to steer clear of conflicts or confrontations with associates in early March and early September. On the plus side the period from March through June promises to bring affirming feedback that will help clarify your direction. Fortune will smile especially brightly from August through September, and with beneficent Jupiter aspecting Pluto, you’ll have an exhilarating sense that the sky’s the limit.

Pisces Man

There are other romantic signs in the zodiac, but their imagination ends more or less where Piscean guy’s starts. He is romantic and escapist like no other, seeing the world in terms of colours, auras and hazy impressions. Quite often he is looking for you to save him, if only from himself – he feels delicate and life is so hard sometimes! He can be quite theatrical in this way, contriving impossible situations from which you will have to extricate him – the perfect romantic rescue drama. However, If you are prepared to put up with his sensitive artistic temperament, you will be blessed with someone who loves you for all the things you are and many other things he believes you to be. He will worship and adore you and if this means you will have to protect him, boost him and big him up sometimes, then you’ll find this a price worth paying.

3 Things to Learn from the Pisces Native in 2021

1. Be polite!
The Pisces woman is well versed in good manners. She often makes use of words as “please”, “thank you” and “excuse me”. She doesn’t behave badly towards no one, not even towards those who are not treating her nicely, instead, she shows them respect, proving her diplomatic skills. Follow her example!

2. Be loyal!
The Pisces woman proves to be one of the best friends out of all the horoscope signs. She never betrays the people she cares about, she is always faithful. The most important thing is that she never lets them down in their difficult times, she is supportive at least verbally if there is nothing else she can do for them.

3. Don’t be materialistic!
The representative of this zodiac sign knows the value of money, but she doesn’t let herself be led by them. She has no materialistic tendencies, she enjoys the things that really matter. You should also try to detach yourself from money and you will enjoy more freedom.

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