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Sagittarius Horoscope 2021 UK

Sagittarius is considered a lucky sign, because you were born under the influence of fortunate Jupiter. With Pluto slowly wending its way through your sign, though, you’re beginning to understand that you must create your own luck, and that it’s your attitude that makes all the difference. If you’re not the credulous, starry-eyed creature you once were, you’ve acquired the street smarts and savvy to handle whatever life dishes out. And as the new year dawns, the natives of your sign, more than any other, stand ready, willing, and able to make whatever evolutionary leaps are necessary in order to adapt, change, grow — and make the grade.


You have a zest for life and an instinct to preserve yourself and your health. In fact, Sagittarians can be quite radical in their eating habits, if that’s what they believe will keep them hale and hearty. You do tend to run on nervous energy and to overextend yourself physically, though, and when Mars aspects your birth sign in January, from June to mid-July, and from mid-September through October, you’d be wise to try to pace yourself and avoid overloading your circuits. With Saturn and Jupiter in Taurus for most of this year, you’ll be taking health matters more seriously, adopting new regimens, and getting yourself in the pink.


No matter how much you may change, you’ll always be idealistic when it comes to love. But in 2021 you must be prepared to ask yourself if your idealism has in fact blinded you to issues in your romantic life that you’d prefer to ignore. Although your inborn optimism prompts you always to look on the bright side and think positively, you must take care not to compromise your own principles or cheat yourself out of the happiness you deserve. With Venus occupying your sign in January, you’ll become something of a magnet, acutely aware of your power to love and be loved. April promises to be a time of romantic awakening, and the period from late June to early July offers a chance for closer connection with an intimate partner. From mid-October to mid-November you’ll also see some exciting possibilities, but the romantic challenges you face in early January, late March, early June, and mid-August will force you to be as honest with others as you are with yourself.


Sagittarians aren’t known for their financial prudence or skill at hoarding funds. And you are likely to spread yourself a bit too thin and take risks that others would balk at. On the other hand, you have a remarkable capacity to bounce back, zero in on brilliant opportunities, and win the jackpot. This year appears somewhat volatile where monetary matters are concerned, but you’ll enjoy some exceedingly bright patches in January, from July to September, and at year’s end. From late February to mid-March you’ll need to get all offers in writing, though, and late May and mid-October may find you coming up a bit short if you’ve strayed from the path or failed to anticipate your expenses.


The year 2020 may not have been all smooth sailing, but Jupiter in Aries brought your creativity to the fore and encouraged new enterprises and ventures. As 2021 begins, you should be getting the message that the ball is in your court and that it’s up to you to make some moves and take your chances. In fact, until June you may have the feeling that you’re very much on your own, with little to go on but your own hunches and convictions. Jupiter and Saturn in Taurus also indicates that you must do much of your own legwork and make sure not to overlook any vital details. From July to September you’ll increasingly sense that you’re projecting the right image, winning others over, and gaining the upper hand. The challenge is to parlay good intentions into commitments and to cultivate lasting alliances. From September until year’s end it’s a matter of following through and being consistent. With Jupiter turning direct in late December, a long-awaited opportunity should materialize.

Sagittarius man

Keep this in mind above all else if you are interested in a Sagittarian guy – he needs his freedom. Write it on the back of your hand when you’re out on a date with him. If you allow him space and welcome him back every time, then he will love you for it – but if you clip his wings, then he will be gone. He is lively, optimistic and adventurous and has his ear to the ground. By the time the word is out about a new movie, band or place to be seen, the Sag guy will already have been there, seen it and worn the teeshirt out. His attention is usually fixed on the next horizon, so you have to bear with him sometimes – don’t expect him to remember your anniversary, but do expect him to throw a party because, hey, it’s Wednesday and it’s not raining. At his best, he’s in love with life and if you go along with him for the ride, you should both have a ball.

3 Things to Learn from the Sagittarius Woman in 2021

1. Don’t be afraid of changes!
Don’t look at changes with fear, you should instead take the necessary steps to fructify all the occurring opportunities. Focus more on them and less on the bad things that might happen. There is no point in stressing yourself up about things you have no idea how they are going to evolve.

2. Venture out with courage!
Overcome your limits and explore everything you wanted to experiment until this moment. Only after this you will know how life tastes like. Be open to new things and learn to say “Yes!” to challenges. Follow the examples set by the Sagittarius woman and any monotony will be banished out of your life in a moment.

3. Enjoy life!
No matter how hard life is, the Sagittarius woman will still find something to be happy about. She can laugh in the face of hardship and she will move on without hanging her head down. Each time something bad happens, she thinks of the fact that she went through worse things in life. Learn this lesson from her and you will become stronger.

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