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Scorpio horoscope 2021 UK

Looking back, 2020 certainly held its share of hardships and disappointments, but you also made some valuable discoveries and turned a corner. The two distinct and somewhat contradictory planetary influences you’re now under are making it difficult for you to gauge others’ intentions and act decisively. Saturn is telling you to persevere and wait things out, while Uranus is sending you the message to tear things up by the roots and start anew. Between these two extremes lies the middle road you must travel this year — until July, when the tide will turn in your favor and you’ll finally be able to turn all of your tests and trials into triumphs.


Physically, Scorpios often push themselves to great extremes, then become irritated if their bodies don’t function as perfectly as machines. The fact is, it goes against the grain for you to admit to any weakness — but you must not let your stern code of honor jeopardize your health. Until August Saturn’s influence will be somewhat draining, and you’ll find the period from late March to early May especially stressful. During this time try to give yourself a break and take a breather in order to minimize wear and tear. The New Moon of early October offers an opportunity to zero in on a potential health problem and find solutions.


Saturn is a relentless planet, and its continued presence in your relationship angle is bringing home certain truths that you may have preferred to ignore. As difficult as this planetary transit may be, you can be sure that you’ll emerge from it feeling happier and more whole than ever before. In the meantime, you should make every effort to rise to the occasion, face the music, and be honest about your feelings. With Jupiter entering the picture in February and gaining strength throughout the spring, an important bond will make an astonishing comeback — or you will form a new relationship that changes everything. Romantically, May will prove to be an especially decisive month. What you’re learning about the art of relating will become especially apparent in August, and Venus’s presence in your birth sign from late September to mid-October heralds the start of a new and happier personal cycle.


For you money is a means to an end, not an end in itself, and you rarely let financial considerations dictate your choices. You can be a careful bargain hunter one moment, then run to the opposite extreme and indulge in wild extravagance the next. But recently, the financial picture has been particularly volatile, and you’ve wisely done some deliberate belt-tightening. The first two months of 2021 mark the right time to make decisions and moves, but you’ll need to exercise a bit more restraint and caution from March to July. May will prove especially pivotal, and September is the time to embark on more advantageous arrangements and sign on the dotted line.


Although yours is an all-or-nothing nature, the conditions you’ve been grappling with in your professional life have repeatedly forced you to weigh and measure consequences, hold back, or even retreat at times. As the new year gets under way, you must continue this difficult juggling act and keep your ear close to the ground. Most important, you must maintain your equanimity in the face of uncertainty, confusion, and mixed signals. By May your efforts will pay off in rather surprising ways, and others’ attitudes will change accordingly. You must, however, continue to analyze situations and not act on impulse. As the bits and pieces begin to fall into place, you will see before you the clearly defined road you’ll want to travel over the next few years. Stresses and strains will give way to success as the summer continues, and whatever occurs in September will afford you an opportunity to prove once more how capable and courageous you can be.

Scorpio Man

The Scorpio guy’s reputation often goes before him, but he’s really misunderstood. His secretiveness and infamous sting are usually just smokescreens to hide his sensitive feelings, so remember he is vulnerable underneath all that bluff. You may be drawn in by his mysterious charisma and biting sense of humour, but some careful questioning might not go amiss. After you have been with him for a while, he may casually let slip that he went out with your ex-best friend for a while – it just took time before he trusted you enough to tell you. However, the Scorpio guy is about the most passionate in the Zodiac, and loyal too, so if he wants you, you’ll know all about it. Play games with him at your own peril – there’s an all-or-nothing intensity to his affection that shouldn’t be taken for granted, but things will never be dull if you give him as much in return.

3 Things to Learn from the Scorpio Woman in 2021

1. Love with passion!
The Scorpio woman puts passion in everything she does, especially when it comes to love affairs. She gets involved body and soul into a relationship, almost chocking her partner with her attention. We do not advice you do go so far, but you will have beautiful life experiences if you love as intensely as she does.

2. Be determined!
Follow the example set by the native of this zodiac sign and fight for your dreams. She is notorious for never giving up easily on the things she really wants in life. When she sets her mind to something, nothing and no one will make her deviate from her path.

3. Don’t let anyone step on you!
Be like the Scorpio woman! Do not ignore when those around you try to step on you. You deserve to be respected and you need to ensure that certain people understand this. Don’t be afraid to teach them a few valuable lessons for which they will remember you for the rest of their lives.

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