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TAURUS horoscope 2021 UK

The year 2021 couldn’t have been your favorite — packed as it was with uncertainty, anxious moments, and added responsibilities. You above all, though, should know that good thing come to those who wait. You may despair, fret, and agonize, yet you still doggedly persist, and your inner strength and endurance will finally pay dividends as the year 2021 unfolds. Above all, you must continue to believe in yourself, your talents, and your entitlement to the good things life can offer. The more you value yourself, the more the world — and those who matter most — will follow suit.


Your health probably isn’t your main concern in life. Unlike your earthy cousins Capricorn and Virgo, you’re inclined to plan meals not on the basis of nutritional value but in order to enjoy — even revel in — the pleasures of the table. Thinking a bit more about your health this year would be a good idea, though. Not that any alarm bells should go off, but Saturn’s presence in your sign until August, and again from mid-October until year’s end, indicates that you will need a bit more rest than usual. Nonetheless, with Mars in Taurus, you’ll be feeling unusually energized in April, and early October will bring answers to any health questions.


First the good news: Where affairs of the heart are concerned, 2021 won’t be nearly as turbulent, trying, or treacherous as 2020 was. In love, as in other areas of your life, you must remember that you have much to offer and that you don’t have to bend over backwards to please or placate others. Feelings of uncertainty about your situation or prospects have kept you at something of a disadvantage in your personal relationships. But this year, as your self-esteem goes up, so will your chances of claiming greater happiness. Early March marks the moment to break free of fears and restrictions and follow your heart. May will be a time of magic and moonlight, and the period from late September to mid-October promises a phase of rapport and deeper commitment. Be careful, though, not to go out on an emotional limb in late February, but to protect your own heart instead. Early August will test your ability to be objective, not defensive, and whatever may occur at the end of December, try not to expect more than others can deliver.


Whatever else they may do, most Taureans could also double as financial advisers. While others deny reality or hide their heads in the sand, you face facts and do what must be done. For this reason, your position is generally a secure one — even if it doesn’t appear that way to you. With Jupiter heading into your financial angle by July, you aren’t likely to be worrying as much, though. The year 2021 promises to be a profitable one, but in late May you’re best off being cautious and circumspect. August and September offer a period of rare possibility, perfect for altering financial arrangements, but after that you should sit tight until December.


Searching questions about your abilities, talents, and priorities confront you as this new year begins. Saturn’s presence in your sign is notoriously hard on the ego, but as with all those difficult things that are actually good for you, it forces you to wake up and change. Unusual planetary developments this year also indicate that despite Saturn’s continued and oppressive influence, you can score a stunning victory, achieve a cherished goal, and receive some long-overdue acknowledgment. Saturn’s direct motion in early January signals a time of resolution regarding your ambitions and direction. You must continue to hold steady and persevere. With lucky Jupiter entering your sign in mid-February, the tide will turn in your favor between March and June. In late May Jupiter’s conjunction with Saturn is a signal that you should seize the moment and assume control. You can rest on your laurels in August, but by the fall you’ll only be cheating yourself if you don’t reach out to grasp golden opportunities while you can.

Taurus Man

The Taurus guy doesn’t ask for much. He likes things simple – he wants to go about his business, have a good time and have money left over at the end of the week. If you are going out with him, he’ll be protective, give you his total attention and no-one will buy you better presents. If he says he will meet you at eight o’clock, then he will be there, or else have a very good explanation. Predictable he maybe, but you will probably not have to worry about him making you jealous. He is possessive, though and there may be times when you are made to feel like his own personal property – for better or for worse. Underneath it all, he’s a romantic, who is as in love with love as the next person, and despite his slow, steady, down to earth attitudes, you can be sure and depend on him.

3 Things to Learn from the Taurus Woman in 2021

1. Work ardently!
Follow the example set by the representative of this sign and get involved with passion in everything you do. Even if things don’t come out from your first try the way you expect, don’t give up, but fight with tenacity. If you follow your goals ardently, it’s impossible not to achieve success.

2. Keep your promises!
Once she made a commitment, the woman born under the Taurus sign will do everything in her power to keep her promise. She doesn’t like to disappoint the people she cares about, nor to leave a bad impression. If more people would be like this native, the world would certainly be a better place!

3. Save money for rainy days!
Indeed, it can be said that the native of this zodiac sign is a bit stingy, but she knows better than to spend recklessly. She will never be surprised by unforeseen events without having any savings. She will always have some money saved for rainy days.

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