Saturday, 06/17: Moon enters Taurus at 9:29 AM-PST. You can make short work of tax forms if you dive right in. Take a broad overview of your financial health and make adjustments here and there. The Taurus Moon is generally excellent for bargain hunting — that is, if you’re willing to shop around and not buy from the first place you stop!)

Sunday, 06/18: Venus’ entrance into Aries, encourages us to freshen up our relationships in whatever what we can. Perhaps we need to buy a new shirt so others can stare at something new. Venus is not at her best here because she can be militant and fussy in her demands. Nor is she content to sit quietly in front of the hearth eating bon-bons. Instead, she is willing to fight now in order to ensure future harmony…. The Taurus Moon continues and will be void-of-course after 1:36 PM. (Refer to the Moon sign section for further information.)

Monday, 06/19: It’s possible there’s a somewhat “false” start to the day, as the Moon remains void-of-course until 11:54 AM-PST. (Be sure to adjust time to your own time zone.) This suggests that the real start of the day is during the afternoon and you can handle a few loose ends first. In the meantime, there may be a slight lack of focus of direction. Ask questions if you don’t know, and do some friendly bonding without thinking what’s in it for you, me, them. Moon entering Gemini turns on everyone’s chat button. Looks like more trips than usual to the water cooler. Send for the travel brochures for Zaire while you’re still in the mood.

Tuesday, 06/20: The special event is the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Aries. Coming at the end of the somewhat turbulent Eclipse period, which ended on 2/18, this planetary conjunction is a welcome positive energy boost to help us count our blessings as well as take advantage of new growth opportunities on all levels…. Venus and Jupiter will pass within 1/4 of 1 degree of each other. Though they will appear from our perspective to nearly collide with each other, of course it’s really a case of Venus passing in front of Jupiter. At the time of closest approach, Venus will be a little over 100 million miles from Earth, while Jupiter will be more like 500 million. If you have access to a telescope, or even binoculars, check ’em out. This conjunction should be visible from anyplace with a clear sky, as Venus and Jupiter are bright enough to be seen even through the glare of city lights…. Elsewhere, Moon continues through restless and inquisitive Gemini. For those to whom this applies, this can be a very perplexing time to choose between two lovers. Those who like to play the field to begin will enjoy the bliss of remaining unattached.

Wednesday, 06/21: Venus makes a romantic and inspirational “sextile” (that’s good) to ethereal Neptune. Here’s the smooching in the dark or other such fun. Because Venus is passing through a Fire sign, you’ll find it okay to get fired up about multiplying yourself in the outer world. Knock on doors. Be a nuisance to get what you want…. After a brief (less than an hour) void-of-course Moon, the Moon enters its home sign, Cancer, at 3:09 PM. The good feeling of the day should carry over into evening, except the Moon will be unfriendly to Venus around 10:23 PM. Nevertheless, the overall good vibes of the day, and the week, should prevail. Love is the healer.

Thursday, 06/22: Moon in Cancer favors both Sun and Mars. Here is positive ambition and enterprise carrying the day. Those looking for a new home or apartment should have a better time of it. People in real estate generally do better because prospective clients are more than just lookie-loos. Kids will benefit from receiving extra emotional reassurance and a hug from mommy and daddy who loves them. Emotional bonding.

Friday, 06/23: Super optimistic Jupiter favors super inspirational Neptune. Very high spiritual or visionary vibes indeed — that is, for those who are sensitive enough to pick up on them. It’s as if this week has brought a nice sense of harmony and reward after the recent uncertainties of the eclipses…. At 7:44 PM-PST, Moon leaves Cancer and makes her flamboyant entrance into Leo. People get to be themselves, no matter how obnoxious, and expect the rest of us to be entertained by the show! 😉 The weekend shapes up well for dating, mating, celebrating, even masticating, but definitely not hibernating. Should be another excellent date-night.

Saturday, 06/24: Overall, a positive Leo Moon sets the tone. Looks a busy weekend as well, for the Moon aspects Neptune (chaos), Jupiter (luck!), Venus (amour), Mars (cuts and bruises), Pluto (obsessive behavior), and Uranus (the 180-degree turnabout face). Should be fun whatever happens. Play games, smooch, be affectionate, spend more, be adoring and adorable. It’s party time.