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Virgo horoscope 2021 UK

Maybe 2020 wasn’t the year you won the lottery or met the love of your life, but whatever transpired between July and October, as Jupiter passed through Taurus, must have raised your hopes, rekindled your enthusiasm, and focused your gaze on new horizons. Here is what horoscope 2021 predicts : this year beneficent Jupiter will gain even greater strength in your planetary picture, beginning in mid-February, when it reenters Taurus. In many ways, you’re more clearheaded and self-sufficient than ever before, and the year 2021 will provide you with dazzling opportunities to prove yourself and put your skills, know-how, and particular kind of brilliance to use.


Quality matters to you — particularly the quality of the food you eat, the air you breathe, and the water you drink. It’s the rare Virgo who isn’t conscientious about health matters, and as a result you tend to avoid problems and remain in the pink. During 2021Mars will aspect your birth sign during January, from early May to mid-June, and again from mid-September to early October. During these times, and in the period around the Full Moon in mid-August, stress is likely to take a heavier toll than usual, and you’d be wise to be especially diligent about diet and exercise and keep to a sensible schedule.


The planetary activity early this year indicates that you’re feeling somewhat disaffected or emotionally adrift. Perhaps it’s time to ask yourself some hard questions and zero in on the repetitive problems that continue to crop up in your romantic life. Pluto’s prominence is making you acutely aware that you have the power to change yourself and your life, as long as you can face the truth and learn from the past. In fact, if you can scrap old scripts and lead from the heart, this year holds magnificent promise for greater happiness. Although January will be a romantic period, confronting a problem in a close relationship will demand courage and honesty. From mid-March to early April Venus will occupy your opposite sign of Pisces, triggering surprising confessions, aroused passions, and new attachments. Make a determined effort to be true to yourself in August, and you won’t regret it. In November you’ll find it’s time to learn to have fun again — and time to risk exposing long-hidden emotions.


Virgos are usually portrayed as penny pinchers — because you like to get good value for your dollar, you’re not fooled by fancy labels or marketing blitzes, and you derive intense satisfaction from getting a bargain. Financially, you should be progressing right on schedule and steadily gaining ground this year. In mid-May, though, you may suffer some shake-ups or surprises around property transactions, and the conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in late May is a signal to curtail spending and avoid financial risks. October, on the other hand, will be a highly favorable period in which to alter existing arrangements or make a killing.


Yours is a mutable sign, and the Virgo native is innately flexible, adaptable, and a quick study. These qualities have recently proved invaluable in enabling you to adjust to external shifts, circumstances beyond your control, and new professional challenges. And though this year may involve a certain amount of scrambling, anxiety, and pressure, you also appear to be in the perfect position to carve out a new niche for yourself and rise to greater heights. Your willingness to learn from your mistakes, let go of old agendas, and take on the new and unfamiliar will continue to give you an edge. During January you’d be wise to avoid confrontations with colleagues, even if you’re sure you’re in the right. Your focus must stay on building a strong foundation and acquiring the knowledge and background experience you’ll need to scale the ladder. Try to be patient and aim for slow but steady progress until July, which is the time to start tooting your horn and drawing attention to your accomplishments.

Virgo Man

The Virgo guy is subtle and understated. Not for him the fuss and fanfare of some signs, he just quietly gets on with things in his own meticulous way while he tries to improve everything around him. You may get the feeling he’s taking you on as a project sometimes and grooming you in his own image, but it’s just that he sees your enormous potential. You might also complain that he nitpicks all the time and doesn’t know how to relax, but how many other guys do you know who can fix the stereo and iron their own clothes? At worst, love for him is reminding you how far short of perfection you fall, but his criticisms are not intended personally. Just be flattered that he’s a little choosy about the company he keeps and while he may comment on your clothes, your hair or your opinions, he simply wants everything to be perfect, especially you.

3 Things to Learn from the Virgo Woman in 2021

1. Pay attention to details!
Everything left in the skillful hands of a Virgo native comes out perfectly. The native of this zodiac sign doesn’t miss one single detail, so she is not often in the position of encountering unforeseen situations. She is always ready for any sudden and out of the blue issues. Use her attitude as a life guide and you will see the benefits very fast.

2. Be honest!
The Virgo woman is not accustomed to lying, at least not when someone asks for her opinion regarding certain things. From now on, you should also express your views openly. Put the dot on the “I” and you will be easily respected by others.

3. Don’t be afraid to love!
Let yourself be carried away by the waves of love and always make your choices with your heart! Perhaps the native of this zodiac sign seems a bit arrogant when it comes to the opposite sex, but things dramatically change when she falls in love. She will do anything for the person she loves, even if that means putting his life above her own.

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