Zodiac signs or horoscope symbols help identify the personality traits of an individual. The inherent capability of zodiac signs to check personality has been used to advantage mankind as far back as history has been recorded.

Horoscope symbols and your personality

There are twelve basic signs and their traits:


Clarity of mind, thought and action best defines those born under this sign. They are simple and straightforward in their dealings with people and life situations, and they are highly competitive. They have an urge to excel in every sphere of life- be it studies or sports. This gives others an impression of selfishness which is seldom true.


If organization and efficiency is the need of the hour, employ a Taurus person. Taurus is a sign that is about consistency, and people of this sign will not stop till they have achieved what they set out to do.


If you are waiting for someone who hasn’t arrived on time and has forgotten to communicate, they might be a Gemini. For them, there is more to life than just punctuality and predictability. They are totally energetic and ever-youthful, thus most commonly successful in media and communication profiles.


They have a typically tenacious personality when it comes to attaining what they want. They invariably exhibit protective and defensive behavior for their friends and relatives. There can be a hint of aggression and purpose when it comes to acquaintances, and soft and mellow bearing when it comes to relatives and friends, so befriend them.


The sun emitting warmth best describes the typical Leo. Often accused of being materialistic, they have a generous heart and love their close ones passionately. They are natural born leaders that are great at organizing the life of others. But they need encouragement and motivation when it comes to their own personal lives.


If you meet someone who is always busy, you may have met a Virgo. They are excellent friends as they are proactive and forthcoming when it comes to being helpful. They can handle their relations very smoothly as they can read, analyze and take decisions in life situations with ease. They are also excellent communicators of decisions.


If the Virgo is the busiest, the Libran has abundance of time and has the innate ability to relax and let go. The eternal romantic, a Libran opts for a meaningful and lasting relationship and invariably makes a success of it.


Scorpios are full of energy and this is why they are completely geared towards success. On the contrary when the energy levels go astray, it leads to disastrous outcomes for themselves and those who are around them. They have a mystical aura and they don’t trust people easily.


The ability to think macro and grasp problems of any magnitude in a blink of an eye is what sets them apart from others. While one side of the coin is about being satisfied and delighted, the flip side is about regret at the way things are going.


The everlasting urge to succeed and grow against all odds is typical of a Capricorn born person, although this may not happen without complaints and rumblings. This hierarchy conscious sign is known for keeping the ‘right friends’ who matter in personal and professional life.


If it is a team player you are seeking, this one is not it. They are best known for being strong and individualistic and seldom operate or move in groups. There is a trait of rebellion in some and stubbornness in others.


Modesty and creativity best personifies this horoscope symbol as they are creative to the core and too modest to admit it. The typical Pisces individual is a reservoir of untapped potential and energy which seldom reaches true levels. Their strength lies in their ability to deliver when it comes to relationships or friendship.